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SHE CAN U.S. College Scholarship

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EWC Graduate Degree Fellowship in the United States

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Announcement! Study in the United States E-Guidebook is coming!

Recently, WEduShare has already revealed three E-Guidebooks which are Study in China E-Guidebook, Study in Thailand E-Guidebook, and Study in Singapore E-Guidebook. The good thing is there are other editions of E-Guidebook coming along the way. There are

Posted at: 14 Nov 2020

Why you should study in the United States

Cambodian students might have heard of the reputation of the United State education system which is proven by the American highly achieving graduates from universities across the United States. The quality of education in this country attracts not only Ca

Posted at: 14 Nov 2020

Plan to pursue a university degree in the United States? You should read this book!

The United States of America is a first world country, which means every sector are well developed and advanced. Not to mention the country’s economy, education is one of the most successful achievements that produce American high achievers. This reputati

Posted at: 14 Nov 2020

Where you should study in the United States?

Studying abroad means you have to live on your own apart from your family in Cambodia. Particularly, studying in the United States will mean you will stay in a completely different time zone. If you are planning to pursue a bachelor’s degree or master’s d

Posted at: 14 Nov 2020

11 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Studying in the United States

Studying abroad is a unique experience for many students to pursue their education oversea. It is a great opportunity for students to gain quality education, experience new culture and become more independent.

Posted at: 18 Jan 2021

5 Popular Majors for Cambodian Students to Study in the United States

When there are various majors available for Cambodian students to study, students from Cambodia can be interested in some of the following majors that are the popular majors in the United States.

Posted at: 28 Jan 2021

4 Top Cities for Cambodian Students to Go to Study in the United States

Washington D.C.: The city is the United States capital. You can find many interesting places in the city including the Lincoln Memorial, the White House when the city is an attracting place to observe American politics. When Washington D.C. is the center

Posted at: 28 Jan 2021

Studying in the United States: What life in the United States feel like

Cambodian can find American friends free-spirited and outgoing. They like to hang out as a group when those American teenagers and adults have their private time for a solitude lifestyle as well. There is no way you can get together with the group besides

Posted at: 28 Jan 2021

10 Do & Don’t While Studying and Living in the United States

To help students with this concerns, here are a few helpful tips of 10 things you should do and should not do while studying and living in the United States.

Posted at: 28 Jan 2021

7 Reasons Why Cambodian Students Should Study in the United States

The United States is a world superpower, so is the country’s education system. In 2020, out of the top 10 universities in the world, there are five universities coming from the United States. Furthermore, studying on campuses in the United States is a gra

Posted at: 28 Jan 2021