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Founded in 2016, WEduShare opens the door for Cambodian students to infinitive study abroad opportunities by distributing trusted information, providing useful resources, and connecting local students to numerous academic institutions from across the globe. To date, WEduShare has become Cambodia’s largest online education platform in Cambodia. It has grown its community through social media platforms including a Facebook page, Instagram, Telegram, and its official website. WEduShare with its divisions provides a full package of services to assist students in applying to study abroad and applying for both partially and fully-funded scholarships. The services provided include initial stage consultation, application process, affordable translation, and visa processing to ensure students successfully stepping on board with their overseas education.

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Our Vision

WEduShare’s vision is to break the barriers to higher education and provide life-changing opportunities for everyone.
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WEduShare Co., Ltd.

What we do ?

Online Education Platform

Students access to various local and international scholarships, exchange programs, conferences, competitions, events, including workshops, training, volunteering opportunities, and internship.

Study Abroad Consultancy

We provide free study abroad consultancy assist students with the whole application process in applying for admission, submitting required documents, and arranging required examinations.

Visa & Translation

We provide services in processing visa applications and affordable translation services.

Promote Institution

We introduce our partners including the courses available, events, webinars, and other information to our community through our media platforms and local connections.

Recruit Quality Students

We ensure the competency and quality of the students applying to your respectable institutions fit with your criteria.

Smoothen Application Process

We reviews all applications before submission, ensuring that students are qualified and that applications adhere to the school's guidelines and compliances.

Our Value

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Student Success

Helping students in achieving their dream of being admitted to their desired institution abroad remains our initial objective and main priority in providing our services.

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We ensure rigorous standards for all stages of our work to provide excellent services.

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We take honesty and ethics as the main pillars of our day-to-day business values.

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We portray our professionalism through reliability, consistency, and quality standard of services.

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Before and after departure, we support communication between university, students and parents as well as keep in touch with students during their study abroad.

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WEduShare Co., Ltd.

Since May 2016, our community has increased day by day. Currently, our community has more than 233,000 Facebook fans, more than 10,000 subscribers to our weekly e-newsletter and more than 3 million visitors on our website. We have partnerships with more than 800 organizations both local and international, and we continue to grow.

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