You Are Lucky Having Your Grandparents

You Are Lucky Having Your Grandparents

Posted at: 26 Nov 2020

Having grandparents by your side is the best thing on the earth since they could love you like or more than your parents do, sometimes. Old people are caring and loving, especially love their grandkids because they were born from their own children whom they have loved the most, and after their children, it must be time for them to love grandkids as they did for their children.

In the United States of America, they choose the second Sunday of September to celebrate ‘National Grandparents Day’, and why do they have to do it? The answer is grandparents must be important people in our life. Not only The United States but also many other countries, based on my research, setting different dates depending on what date that they think it is proper to celebrate as well. 

From my own perspective, besides parents, grandparents also provide us pure loves to be with all their hearts. Although I have no grandpa, my grandma is the most lovely person of all. She is caring! I cannot describe how much I love her! She has been taking very good care of me since I was born up until now and she still considers me as a kid. She keeps telling me not to work so hard, having meals punctually, going to bed early, and taking care of myself specially. See? It should be me telling her those things since she is pretty old now, but actually, she does for me instead. To be honest, I understand that living far away from her makes her worry, but I just want to tell her that "I am grown up now and I can take care of my own, so you do not have to worry about me but yourself". Absolutely, her love for me is just like my parents'! 

Last time, I had a small talk with one of my friends, and he talked about his grandparents. According to what he said, he has rarely visited his grandparents ever since he moved to live in Phnom Penh and they keep their distance from one another. He added that his grandparents seem to be happy whenever he visits them at their places even though it is only once a month that he is able to be there. 

Hence, if you still have your grandparents by your side, you should be proud of yourself because you are a lucky person blessed by gods. You should spend more time with them since they are kind of old now. Only staying and having some funs with them can make them happy for the rest of the day. Of course, they did take care of you in the past when you were a little kid, so this is time for you! Although you cannot fully care for them, you should at least stay with them whenever you are free. Do not leave them for granted! 

All in all, you should be happy to be with your grandparents, if you still have them. They also love you with their hearts just like your parents or your siblings do. 

In their eyes, you are always still little kids! 

Happy Grandparents Day, everyone! Go and have fun with your grandparent!

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