Why you should study in the United States

Why you should study in the United States

Posted at: 14 Nov 2020

Cambodian students might have heard of the reputation of the United State education system which is proven by the American highly achieving graduates from universities across the United States. The quality of education in this country attracts not only Cambodian students but most students from across the globe. However, besides the quality of education, there are also many other benefits that Cambodian students should consider studying in the United States.


English is the accepted communicable language across the globe and also one of the official languages used in the United Nations. Yes, people in the United States speak English and this applies also to the university. Therefore, being able to study in English would help you strengthen your language skill and open more doors to opportunity. 

Livable destinations

The United States consists of 50 states and hundreds of cities. Even though the country is much competitive but people can find the cities livable with an inclusive society and multi-cultural environment. Moreover, some cities are home to famous universities in the United States such as Harvard University, MIT, and Stanford University.

University tuition fees

The United States is a developed country and its education is exceptionally best. However, Cambodian students can still find some credible universities that offer exceptional learning programs with reasonable tuition fees ranging from $17,840 to $25,774 per academic year.

Job opportunity

The United States economy is growing and the society needs potential people to thrive the economy even faster. Potential job opportunities are open to people who can prove their ability through employment. Fortunately, Cambodian students who study in the United States will have the opportunity to work there after they graduated or even their summer break.

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