Why Students Should Study Bachelor of Commerce?

Why Students Should Study Bachelor of Commerce?

Posted at: 21 Jun 2022

Why Study Bachelor of Commerce? 

Students will concentrate on establishing a solid understanding of the business environment via the compulsory subjects. Later on, students will start to specialize and expand their major area of study. You will also have the opportunity to see and experience business fundamentals in action while working on industry related projects. 

For Bachelor of Commerce Core Subjects; there are, Accounting for Decision-Making, Principles of Economics, Principles of Data Analysis for Business, Introduction to Management Concepts and Application, Business Communication, Marketing Matters, and Business Law.  

In this degree, students can major in one of the below majors such: 

Accounting (10 subjects) 

  • Foundation of Accounting Principles 
  • Cost Management and Control  
  • Principles of Finance 
  • Accounting Information Systems 
  • Law of Business Organizations 
  • Corporate Financial Accounting 
  • Contemporary Issues in Accounting 
  • Strategies Performance Management 
  • Auditing and Assurance 
  • Taxation Law 


Banking and Finance (8 subjects) 

  • Principles of Finance 
  • Investment and Portfolio Analysis 
  • Financial Institutions and Markets 
  • Financial Risk Management 
  • Management of Financial Institutions 
  • Finance of International Trade 
  • Credit and Lending Decisions 
  • Treasury Management 


International Trade (8 subjects) 

  • Principles of Finance 
  • International Economics 
  • Global Supply Chain Management 
  • Trade Negotiations 
  • Multinational Business Finance 
  • International Trade Law  
  • Contemporary Issues in International Trade 
  • International Political Economy 


Financial Management (8 subjects) 

  • Principles of Finance 
  • Data Analytics and Business Modeling 
  • Investment and Portfolio Analysis  
  • Financial Institutions and Markets 
  • Multinational Business Finance 
  • Advanced Business Modeling 
  • Cost Benefit Analysis 
  • Financial Risk Management 


Economics (8 subjects) 

  • Managerial Economics 
  • Macroeconomic Policy 
  • Econometrics and Big Data Analysis 
  • Economics and Sustainable Resource Management 
  • Economic Growth and Sustainable Development 
  • Economics of Social Policy 
  • Cost Benefit Analysis 
  • Behavioral Economics for Sustainable Policy 


At James Cook University, this degree will take duration of 2 years for full time and 4 years for part time.  

  • Course Structure: 3 trimesters per year (normally 4 subjects per trimester) 
  • Intakes: March, July, November 


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