Why Cambodian Students Should Study in Switzerland

Why Cambodian Students Should Study in Switzerland

Posted at: 04 Mar 2021

Many Cambodian students dream of pursuing their overseas education in Europe because of the quality of education as well as the great opportunities to travel and explore around the well-connected European countries. In fact, Switzerland is one of the great destinations for Cambodian students to study in Europe as it located at the center of the European continent and its high-quality education. There are many more reasons to study in Switzerland, and here are six reasons why Cambodian students should study there.  

Quality Education

One of the first things for students to consider when planning to study abroad is the quality of education. Education in Switzerland is ranked among the top in the world along with Finland and other Nordic countries. There are also many world-recognized universities in Switzerland that offer high-quality teaching and facilities. In fact, there are 11 universities in Switzerland featured in the overall Times Higher Education World University Rankings and 9 universities featured in the QS World University ranking 2019.  

Affordable Tuition Fee 

Another reason to study in Switzerland is its tuition fee. Comparing to other European countries, the tuition fee in Switzerland are considered cheaper especially for public institutions. The private institution might be slightly higher but not exorbitant compared to other European countries. The cost of the tuition fee might be varying based on your nationality, degree and institution. That is why it is recommended for Cambodian students to consult with an education agent to get more information in terms of the tuition fee and possible partial scholarship.  

Geographical Location 

Switzerland is located in central Europe. While it is landlocked, Switzerland borders five other European countries which are Austria, Liechtenstein, France, Italy, and Germany, and it is well connected to all of them! For anyone who wants to explore Europe, studying in Switzerland has opened the door for you to make it a reality with its effective and efficient transportation system.  

Travel and natural Beauty

Studying abroad is always more than about studying. Travel must be part of the journey especially when your destination is in Europe. There is so much of European history, culture, architecture and nature to explore. Besides exploring the neighboring countries, Switzerland also offers many iconic and must-see attractions including the Matterhorn, Interlaken, Lucerne, Lake Geneva, Chillon Castle, Lake Lugano and Ticino, the Rhine Falls, the Swiss National Park, and more. If you are a nature lover or arts lover, Switzerland is one of the best destinations for you.  

Diverse Culture  

One of the good things about studying abroad is the chance to experience a new culture. Switzerland can be considered one of the countries with diverse culture. It consists of 26 federal states or cantons and has four national languages. Cambodian students can experience its rich culture from the large city to rural to central plateau; there are many things to explore and experience there. There are also large population of international students, so you can also make friends with many people from around the world.   

Future Career Prospect   

If you decide to get your education in Switzerland, your degree will be widely recognized and respected, no matter where you end up being employed. The education will provide you with a solid foundation and boost your potential for having a higher salary and finding exactly the job you want.  

Work While Studying and After Graduation 

Some students also wish to gain some working experience while studying abroad especially in the highly developed country. Switzerland also permits international students to work while studying there under some conditions. In some cases, some universities also partner and offer internship programs as part of the curriculum for students to gain experience. After graduation, if fulfilling the condition, students might also apply for a work visa to work in Switzerland.    

What Should You Get from the Article?  

Cambodian parents and students can learn about the 7 main reasons for students to pursue an education in Switzerland. Those reasons are quality education, affordable tuition fee, geographical location, travel and natural beauty, diverse culture, future career prospect, and opportunity to work while studying and after graduation.   

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