What Readers Say About Study in China E-Guidebook?

What Readers Say About Study in China E-Guidebook?

Posted at: 14 Sep 2020

This Study in China E-guidebook is the result of a great effort of compiling information, drafting, editing, designing and many more back and forth process to crosscheck the information and ensure the best final product for the public. Upon the internal completion, to test the reader experience when reading this book, we have invited other members of the organization who are still students to read and provide what they think and gains from this Study in China E-Guidebook

Without further due, to find out what they think of this E-Guidebook, here is what two of the reviewers said.


When asked about what she thinks of this E-Guidebook, Ms. Muy Nging stated that: “Study in China E-Guidebook provided all the detailed information more than I expected. To begin with, it includes much information such as an overview of China, its education system, popular majors, financial cost, and also national scholarship that every student would like to know. It is like a one-stop solution for students who are looking for whole information about studying in China. It is also very convenient because it is an E-Book, so I can read it everywhere. Especially, all the information is clear and easy to understand than what I search for online. The information is also up-to-date. So, I do not have to worry about what if the information I search for online is out-of-date.”


“I would recommend this China Guidebook for every student out there who is searching for useful and one-stop information about studying in China. Even though for those students who do not plan to study in China, you can also read to gain general knowledge and share with your friends since this book also provided general information about China. Thanks to this initiative and the team working on this book, students especially grade 12 students can now have a chance to get full key information about studying in China. This would certainly help to solve many the wondering questions from students.” said Ms. Muy Nging.


Ms. Lim Kannitha, another reviewer, has shared that “After I finished reading Study in China E-Guidebook, this book is really helpful for me and help me know more about China. This guidebook has shown me about a lot of information from china such as the quality of education and recognition, costs of living, travel places, tuition fees, system education in china. One of the things that surprise me the most is about the cost of living and studying in China. I always thought that studying abroad is costly because I heard it is the second-largest economy in the world and a very big country in Asia. Another thing that I like about this guidebook is the frequently asked questions section because it answers many of the questions that I have in mind.


"Next time, when any of my friends or junior asks me or want to know more about studying in China, I would refer her to this book right away because it has so much information that students would need to know. I would certainly recommend this guidebook to all Cambodian students who plan to study in China or just want to know more about China because you now have all the information you need in one place without having to search through tons of information online,” added Ms. Kannitha. 

Only after this Study in China E-guidebook received positive feedback as we expected that we, WEduAbroad, presents this E-guidebook to the public. Now, you can have the access to this all-in-one E-guidebook about study in China. Register now HERE and grab your own copy!


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