What Is Sociology?

What Is Sociology?

Posted at: 12 Aug 2020

What is Sociology?

Sociology is an interesting major should you like to get to know certain aspects of human behavior. What makes sociology unique is its focus on patterns of behavior in society. Sociology is the scientific study of society, including patterns of social relationships, social interaction, and culture.

What Sociology focuses on?

1. Social Behavior: how people behave, which also includes criminal behavior of society,
2. Social welfare: how to improve society by studying disability, poverty, or certain social injustices. For example, when there is a problem in society, they want to find solutions to that problem.
3. Health care: how changes in the world affect people’s health, and well-being of a society culture.
4. Education and research: how people know or study sociology and it also needs to focus on how to teach sociology to others.

What are some branches of Sociology?

You should note that there's a lot of branches of sociology, and here are some branches such as:
1. Historical sociology: It is the study of how society has developed through history and also the study of social facts and social groups.
2. Sociology of knowledge: It is the study between human thought and social context.
3. Criminology: It is the study of criminal behavior even do it, individual or group, there's a lot of type of crime such as crime by-laws, punishment, by nature or police...etc...
4. Sociology of religion: It is the study of the development of religion by using the tools and methods of sociology.
5. Sociology of economy: It is the study about production, sharing, and exchange of the good and services and focusing on socio-cultural factor.
6. Rural sociology: It is the study about the everyday life of rural people as the rural population is higher than urban and their everyday life such as behavior, culture, belief, tradition norms, values, foods...etc...
7. Urban sociology: It is similar to rural sociology because it's also focusing on their everyday life but the difference is rural sociology focusing on the everyday life of rural people, for urban sociology they are focusing on the way of life of urban people.
8. Political sociology: It is the study about the different political moments of sociology it is also focused on the activities and behavior of political parties
9. Sociology of demography: It is the study about population and size, distribution, density, composition, and measurement, etc. Actually, it also studies the human population like population change in sociology.
10. Sociology of laws: It is the study about laws and it is related to sociology issues as the formulation and implementation of rules and regulations.
11. Industrial sociology: It is related to relationships of human beings and it focuses on the different industrial organizations and institutions.
12. Sociology of education: It is the study of how public institutions and individuals experience affect education and its outcome.
13. Theoretical sociology: It is the study on how and why particular facts about the social world are related.
14. Environmental sociology: It is the study on how and why particular facts about the social world are related.

What is a career opportunity?

As a part of this degree, students examine youth issues, mass media communications, environmental issues, the impacts of international organizations and NGOs, and the impact of global tourism. 

Where to Study Sociology?

1. Royal University of Phnom Penh
2. The University of Cambodia
3. Pannasastra University of Cambodia

If you choose what major you need to study, you must know how it would affect your life or your everyday life, and sociology is an important part of our everyday life because it is about our life and about society. 


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