What is Scholarship Porgram?

What is Scholarship Porgram?

Posted at: 09 Oct 2020

Scholarship can mean different things to different people, but the general use of the term refers to an award given to a student who has demonstrated potential – either academic, athletic, or some form of performing arts (dance, music, theater, etc). Some organizations give scholarships to reward a student that proven dedication to community service.


In the most accurate use of the term, “scholarships” are awarded purely on the basis of merit, without regard to financial need. However, in reality, many scholarship competitions will explicitly consider financial need PLUS merit, in making their awards. Whether a particular scholarship takes financial need into account or not, there will always be a merit component.


If you have not earned top grades, or been a star performer on a varsity sports team, or mastered a musical instrument, or been a major contributor to your school & debate team, or theater program, or earned a very high score on the ACT, the SAT, the AP exams or SOMETHING, then you’re not going to be scholarship material.


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