What Is It Like To Study in China?

What Is It Like To Study in China?

Posted at: 14 Sep 2020

Have you ever imagined living and studying far away from your home? Have you ever imagined being able to afford for studying at one of the world ranking universities? Have you ever imagined going cashless traveling but can still survive the whole day? You can stop imagine and go to China to witness the real things.


Familiar Chinese Culture

Generally, living in China does not incur stress to Cambodian students who want to study there in terms of adapting to the country’s cultures and traditions since most Cambodians have seen and experienced the influence of Chinese traditions, so does studying in China. Cambodian students can expect a Chinese high-school education system identical to Cambodia’s. Moreover, pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in China is not as hard as you might think. Of course, you need to work hard as a university student. Yet, the point is language will no longer be your obstacle to studying a Bachelor’s degree in China since there are international programs available. 


International Programs Available

There are many international programs with various famous majors such as Business, Medicine, Computer Science, Chinese Language, and Civil Engineering available at numbers of Chinese universities, and those programs are mainly taught in English. Moreover, in terms of reputation, China proves its progressive developing higher education system with more than 37 Chinese universities located in the popular cities are listed among the world ranking universities. Surprisingly, students can expect to work during their school break with the approval from their education institution and have the opportunity to get a job in China for those who graduated from a university in the country.


Interesting Daily Activities

Out of campus, students can experience some simple but interesting daily activities in China. Cambodians do not have to expect to spend much money on transportation. Transportation in China is surprisingly affordable and convenient. Students can take the public buses and pay with the cashless methods, WeChat, or purchase train tickets with automatic machines at the station. Also, students can travel to many places without a wallet. You just need a phone and internet which is available in public places. You can go cashless around China!


Affordable Tuition Fee

So, is studying and living in China expensive? Not at all. China is more affordable in terms of living costs and university tuition fees than any other country where Cambodian students wish to study in. Especially, there are many scholarships for international students offered by the Chinese government. Want to know about those scholarships, download China E-guidebook, and read it now.


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