What Is Construction Management?

What Is Construction Management?

Posted at: 07 Sep 2020

As byproducts of the rapidly developing economy, constructions of various sizes—from residential buildings to large infrastructures—spread throughout the country. This creates a huge job market not only for engineers and architectures but also for construction managers. Construction Management plays a crucial role that acts as a backbone to the whole construction project.

What Is Construction Management? 
Construction management is a broad discipline. The major provides students with knowledge and skills to supervise and oversee phases of construction projects so that the project could go smoothly and effectively from the beginning until the end. Although the major sounds similar to Civil Engineering, the focuses of Construction Management are different. The work scope of a construction manager is broader than that of civil engineers. Thus, a construction manager possesses technical, managerial, and business skills including the ability to plan the project, estimate the cost and evaluate project site safety as well as understanding legal frameworks related to the construction field.

What Does the Major Study? 
Course content in foundation year includes structural studies, mechanical studies, and project activities including management, design, construction method, economics, and building operation. After the foundation program, students will learn about construction management, cost estimation, financial management of the construction project, and project delivery method.

What Are the Job Prospects? 
The job market for students specialized in construction management is broad—including building control surveyor, building services engineer, building surveyor, construction manager, quantity surveyor, site engineer, and sustainability consultant. The degree would be useful with other related occupations as well, such as architecture technologist, facilities manager, financial manager, management consultant, environmental engineer, and town planner.

Where Can You Study the Major? 
There are not many Cambodian universities that provide the degree because the major is still new and not yet wide-known to the public. If you are interested in the major, you could contact Zaman University as the school offers this major.

Are There Any Scholarships Available? 
If you take the BacII exam in 2018 and get an overall grade of A, B, C, or D, you can claim your merit-based scholarships at Zaman University from 25% to 100%. Should you have any questions regarding the scholarships, please visit the university or its Facebook page (Zaman University).

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