• Funded on tuition fees for maximum 8 semesters, registration fee, practicum fee.
  • Bachelor
  • Indonesia
  • Islamic University of Nahdlatul Ulama (UNISNU) Jepara
  • 30 Apr 2021




Islamic University of Nahdlatul Ulama (UNISNU) Jepara is one of the best universities in Indonesia is now providing scholarship opportunities to international students including Cambodian students.


  • Subsidized round-trip flight tickets to Ahmad Yani International Airport in Semarang at the maximum funding $208. 
  • Registration fee, tuition fee, practicum fees will be included. 


  • Not an Indonesian passport holder;
  • Have finished secondary school;
  • Under 20 years old at the time of registration;
  • A Sunni Muslim;
  • Mastering English or Bahasa Indonesia Language, or have a strong desire to learn Bahasa Indonesia. Being able to speak Bahasa Indonesia is preferred;
  • Willing comply with the Bahasa Indonesia laws and regulations, university regulations, norms, and values in the society;
  • Having academic or non-academic achievements;
  • Having good behavior. 

How to Apply  

1. Prospective students register by filling in the registration form via the link

2. After submitting the registration documents, UZUS Management will verify the

Documents and the first (stage 1) selection will be carried out.

3. After the document selection is carried out, prospective students who pass the selection

Stage 1, will be contacted to take part in the second selection. 

4. The scholarship announcement will be via email notification. Students who pass the whole selection will receive a Letter of acceptance from UNISNU at the same time.

5. UZUS management will contact students who have been notified to soon apply for a Student Visa. Students will come to Indonesia with a Visit Stay Permit (ITK) Visa which has been applied by students prior to departure, then the visa will be extended while the students has arrived to Indonesia by the assistance from UZUS Management. This scholarship does not include Vitas fees.

Complete an Online Application form and upload supporting documents: here.

Interested Candidate, please visit this: Official Website

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