Top 5 Languages You Should Study During University

Top 5 Languages You Should Study During University

Posted at: 26 Nov 2020

To increase studying speed, foreign language plays an important role after your specific major when you enter college. At the same time, you should consider which language you should be learning, so I am going to point out the top five popular languages to take into consideration, and you may choose which one is the best for you.


It must be the foremost choice since it is an international language used all over the world. Most of the colleges in Cambodia require students at least to be able to read and write in English, so it is important to learn English as the main foreign language. Moreover, during university, you have to do a lot of research from either hard or soft sources which mostly are written in English, and also technological devices mostly use English as well. I think English must be the very first choice to study during college, either you choose it as another major or just study at private school.


Some various schools, like medical universities and technological universities, suggest their students study French in order to profoundly understand their lessons. For example, the Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC) has French subject in their school circumstance, and the school highly encourages students to study French as much as they can because the majority of technical words in their fields come from French, as well as University of Health and Sciences (UHS).


Most people do not think that this German is much more important than English or French is. There is a school teaching German in Phnom Penh, but it is gained a large number of students. In Asian countries, German might not be as wide as English does, but if you go to European countries, you will see how important it is. From my knowledge, in the Department of Media and Communication (DMC) at RUPP, it is good to know German, if you want to get a scholarship abroad like DAAD.


Chinese becomes more important when you graduate and find a job. There is a number of Chinese companies in Cambodia nowadays, and as we all know that Chinese people are nationalists, they require their employees to know Chinese in order to be employed in their company. In addition, although universities in Cambodia do not focus on the Chinese language, except IFL’s Department of Chinese, there are some scholarships from China and they require students to know Chinese before claiming their scholarship to study in China as well.


Japan provides a number of scholarships for Cambodian students too, especially technological colleges, but they require students to study Japanese before claiming those scholarships as well since they are also highly nationalism like China does. When you go to study in Japan, you will see that their fields and subjects are in Japanese, not in English. Educational institutions teaching Japanese have increased and you can easily find those schools to learn Japanese if you would like to. 

In brief, foreign languages are important no matter what language you are learning because you will find it useful someday in some areas. From my perspective, I think that before learning other languages, you should have studied English first because it might be the most important of all. Lastly, it is your choice to pursue a foreign language as a major or to study as an extra course, but I still encourage you guys to study those languages seriously because they might help you increase your studying speed. You should know that it is not only for your self-improvement but also to compete with other students, either on a national or international level. 

It will be helpful if your foreign languages are proficient, and you will see how important they are in the future.

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