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Rangsit University

Ranking: Rangsit University won 3 awards for submissions of their inventions in order to participate in the competition of Thailand New Gen Inventors Award (I - New Gen Award 2020) in Thailand Invento

About Rangsit University

Rangsit University is a private institution of higher education with the primary aim of creating graduates in the area of study meeting the requirements of national development by focusing mainly on science, technology, design, and management including independent professions which are requisites in the development of one's career. 

Why Should Study at Rangsit? 

Rangsit University (RSU) is a leading private university in Thailand and is fully accredited by the Thai Government’s Commission on Higher Education, Ministry of Education. Rangsit University (RSU) is a leading private university in Thailand and is fully accredited by the Thai Government’s Commission on Higher Education, Ministry of Education.


  • Campus 

The main campus is located on a 296 rai (or 47.4 hectares or 117 acres) site in the Lak-Hok sub-district of Pathumthani Province and is only 30 minutes drive by freeway from downtown Bangkok. Surrounded by two golf courses, lakes, sporting facilities, restaurants, and excellent shopping facilities, the main campus has much to offer and provides an ideal study environment. 

Study Levels and Options 

  • Undergraduate
  • Postgraduate
  • Doctorate

Famous Majors 


  • International Business
  • Business Administration 


  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Biomedical Science
  • Applied Chemistry
  • Nursing Science


  • International Relations and Development
  • Communication Arts
  • Hospitality Industry 


  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering


Fine Arts: 

  • Fashion Design
  • Design

Information Technology

  • Information and Communication Technology

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Student Testimonials


Interior Design , Rangsit University , Thailand

"Studying abroad gives me an opportunity to be able to develop myself to be independent and courageous through these hardships. RSU provides a lot of activities where I could interact with other foreign students and experience different cultures at the same time. Furthermore, teachers at RSU are very friendly and helpful to the students. Additionally, I also make a lot of memories with my friends. We have shared and learn a lot from each other."

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Khiev Vanmarineth

Bachelor of Architecture , Rangsit University , Thailand

Study abroad is such a great experience; it allows me to develop myself to be an independent person. During my study in Thailand, I have met many new people and experienced new environments; these brought me new views. Currently, I am an undergraduate student majoring in architecture at Rangsit University, Thailand. The university is the right school for me. In my view, teachers here are like a good friend and a good supporter. More importantly, I am able to make lots of good memories and ready to learn a new language and make good friends here.

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Meng MeiMei

Interior Design , Rangsit University , Thailand

"Starting my new education in Thailand, I have to leave my comfort zone. For the first two months, it was such a challenging experience that I’d never met before. I’d been through thick and thin, and up and down moments. I felt homesick, got a culture shock, had difficulty with daily communication in a foreign language. However, each day, everything becomes better. For me, it is a great alternative for living and studying in this new emplacement. I’ve met new people from different nationalities, experienced new cultures, and explored new things, studied in different learning environments. Everything is different from what I have learned before as a lot of study methodologies are applied in my learning environment. Lecturers and classmates are very helpful and friendly. They try their best to help me and talk to me even if we all don’t speak each other’s languages. Lectures are all detailed and understandable. Regarding the studying and living environment, the school got different types of places for students to enjoy their on-campus lives during their free time. Last but not least, it is such a great life-changing experience that I’ve never had.”

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Sok Kanika

Bachelor of Architecture , Rangsit University , Thailand

"It’s quite a challenging journey to study abroad, but it allowed me to experience a new life with different people and different perspectives. My life at RSU at first was quite difficult with a different language and new kinds of stuff, but RSU’s professors and advisors are supportive. They gave me the strength to achieve my goal with confidence. There’re a ton of group works that’ll never make me feel desperate. I get to make new friends, learning new techniques, different opinions, and ideas."

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Yim Panhchakporreaksmey

Bachelor of Information Technology , Rangsit University , Thailand

"Studying abroad is such a great experience to expose yourself to a new world, make yourself more independent, and learn how to adapt to a new environment. In addition, I have met many kinds and friendly people who are my classmates and also Cambodian students who are studying in RSU. We usually hang out together and always help one another. Moreover, I learned to communicate with Thai people and gain some understanding as well as some knowledge about their culture and tradition. I’m so grateful that I got a chance to meet and be friends with all of them in my university life."

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