Green River High School Completion Program

January 26, 2024
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About Green River High School Completion Program

The Green River High School Completion Program earns credits towards high school requirements and can be an alternative way to complete high school. It is designed for adult students, 19 years and older, who wish to achieve one or more of the objectives above. 

Successful students will meet state and Green River requirements for graduation and will be issued an official State of Washington high school diploma.

Depending on a student's assessment/placement scores, college level classes may be taken to fulfill both high school and college degree requirements at the same time. Green River's placement testing should be taken prior to enrolling in classes.

Why Green River High School Completion Program?

  • During high school, a college immersion offers valuable insights into higher education, including interaction with professors, campus life, and independence in a smaller community.
  • The pandemic has impacted students' academic progress, offering High School Completion as a chance to catch up on missed coursework and regain academic momentum.
  • Green River College offers a time-efficient solution for high school students, allowing them to earn college credit while completing their high school diploma.
  • offers an affordable alternative to traditional universities by offering concurrent college credit with a diploma, saving time and reducing overall education costs.
  • Green River College's diverse student body fosters cultural awareness and global perspective, allowing students to learn about diverse traditions, perspectives, and ways of life.


Main campus is located at:
12401 SE 320th Street Auburn, WA 98092,US

Application Process

  1. Apply Online
  2. Submit official copies of all previous high school/college transcripts to Green River College
  3. Determine your course placement in reading, English, and math classes. View all placement options at
  4. Once your transcript has been evaluated by the Office of the Registrar, you will receive a Green River email notification. Make an appointment with the Career and Advising Center for a High School Completion Orientation and Registration session.

Further Assistance

You can contact to WEduAbroad Team for further support and assistance at 023 902 903 | 017 54 83 54 | 081 63 63 60

Office Address: 38th Floor (via Sky Lobby), GIA Tower, Koh Pich, Phnom Penh

Student Testimonial

LY Kouyhorng

Associate of Design and Visual Communication General

I decided to study in the United States because of the inspiration from my sister who is also currently studying at the US. Moreover, the education system and teaching method in the United States is recognized around the world. Green River College is surrounded with forests that provides a refreshing atmosphere to students when studying. Green river college also offer a higher education program and is partners with many top universities in the United States, which I could easily transfer to when I finish my associate degree.

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