Prepare Yourself For College- Part I: What To Have

Prepare Yourself For College- Part I: What To Have

Posted at: 27 Nov 2020

Hey, there, fresh high school graduates! Congrats on making it out of hell alive, and welcome to yet four more years of hell! I’m just kidding (college is not hell if you know how to handle it, but high school? Now, that’s the devil’s way of torturing kids.)

I know most of you will be starting your new life as a freshman this month, and as the kind sister that I am, here are some tips to make you a little more ready to tackle the challenge, and make the best out of your college life.

It will be divided into three parts:

  • Material– what to have
  • General direction– what to do (here)
  • Study habits – more of what to do

Now, this post will be the first installment of the Prep Yourself for College series. A great warrior knows his/her sword and armor. Likewise, you should be materially prepared. Here are some items I find useful in the course of my college life. Feel free to try them out and adapt to your very own lifestyle!

1. Backpack

Now, this actually depends upon your fashion sense. Some people would not want to be caught dead with an ugly-looking backpack. I, however, find big ugly backpacks very useful. Invest some money (generally 10-30 bucks) on a tough bag that can hold all of your things together. My favorite is the ones that come with many pockets and a laptop shield. A place for everything and everything in its place. I’m serious. Having a big backpack that is huge enough to carry all your stuff makes it harder to forget things. You just stuff everything in there when you rush, and less likely to leave anything behind.

2. Pencil case

Now, this also depends on your preference, but having a pencil case makes sure that you keep your stationaries together.

3. A USB flash drive

This may seem unnecessary until you need to copy a file from your friend and print in the last minute. I’m serious. Flash drives have been saving my life for the past few years. If you are afraid of losing it, try taping a piece of paper with your name on it. Also, put it in a safe place such as your pencil case to ensure you never have to empty the content of your entire bag to find it. 

4. Tissues

It is very useful for covering a lot of things- snort, pee, tears when you spend too much time thinking about your future. For girls, I would advise having a small make-up bag containing some of your necessary make-up (lip balms at least, studying can seriously dehydrate you). You can put tissues and pads in there, too. Be the hero to your fellow girls by always having backup pads. We all need those.

5. Umbrella

It’s raining right now as I’m writing this. If you have a waterproof backpack, then kudos to you. If not, have a small umbrella with you. I find the ones from Ucare Pharma pretty useful for one-person use. It costs about 5 bucks and is generally very well-designed. Put it in the side pouch of your backpack, and you’ve rid yourself of anxiety that your life will be ruined by the rain (and spend more time worrying that your life will be ruined by exams instead)!

6. Water bottle

Get yourself a sleek, sustainable water bottle, preferably made out of metal (to keep things cool or hot), or the light plastic ones if you’d prefer. Fill it up from home, and you just save yourself 1,000R every day. It might sound little, but if you combine 4 years of 1,000R/day, you can practically save more than 200$! Also, some schools are sensible enough to have refill water at hand, more money-saving for ya! (Aside from all the environmental benefits, of course).

7. Raincoat

Just like an umbrella, a raincoat makes sure you never have to worry about getting stuck in a place just because you don’t want your stuff to be wet. I like having the good old sustainable one in my motorbike all the time. Don’t buy those thin, colorful, cheap Vietnamese raincoats. I mean, it costs 2,000R and can be used only a few dozen times. Why not invest in one that you can hand to your grandchildren? Also, who doesn’t like pretending to be a wizard while wearing a raincoat? Just me? Okay.


There you go. Now you’re a bit more ready for college.  Feel free to comment on what you think is useful for college life!

By: Sokcheng SEANG

The second installment is up! Read what to general do in college here!

Thanks to Ms. Sokcheng for her sharing. To check out more about her blog, Here 



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