Plan Your Overseas Study Journey in Thailand with this Study in Thailand E-Guidebook!

Plan Your Overseas Study Journey in Thailand with this Study in Thailand E-Guidebook!

Posted at: 29 Sep 2020

Have you had a wonderful high school experience and been looking forwards to studying abroad? Whether you are aiming to study in Thailand or still indecisive upon various options available, Study in Thailand E-Guidebook may help to relieve your stress on your decision-making for your next educational journey by providing insight to assist your plan to study in Thailand.  


Overview of Thailand’s education system 

Before deciding to pursue your study in Thailand, having the comprehensive information about the country’s education system and qualification is important. Study in Thailand E-Guidebook provides a brief yet concise knowledge on the education system in Thailand. This will help you understand the quality of education that you’re aiming for. 

University and major options 

There are hundreds of universities and thousands of courses and subjects that students can choose to study in Thailand. That would be even harder to decide between your ideal major and university to study in Thailand. However, Study in Thailand E-Guidebook compiles information regarding popular majors offered by accredited universities in Thailand that may help you decide on the best option. 

Living condition in Thailand 

After determining your ideal major and targeted university, the next step you may need will be understanding the living condition in Thailand because you will spend a couples of years living in Thailand. Of course, even though Thailand is a close neighboring country to Cambodia and share similar culture and tradition somehow, living in a rapid emerging country like Thailand can be different from life in Cambodia. Study in Thailand E-Guidebook will provide practical information about living conditions and a screenshot of expenses you may need to consider when living in Thailand. 


Still can’t find something you want to know? Here it is!  

Study in Thailand E-Guidebook also offers a dedicated section that covers information about famous scholarship in Thailand. You can find each scholarship details including the benefits, eligibility, and application process that hide behind this link.



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