Posted at: 26 Nov 2020

It’s been a year since I have become a DMC student. Therefore, I hope my first quarter of life experience as a student here could help you to get to know more about my school, and my major. 

Back to the day when everything started, successful candidate name list on the information board got me to the moon and back. I was very excited to finally step into my dream university.

Since the first day of school, my classmate and I get along very well with each other (we even took a group photo on the first day). Everything was fresh, relax, and… “easy”. I bet you have heard of a story that says “life in university is as easy as riding a bike”. Unfortunately, that story doesn’t end there; it continues as “except the bike is on fire and everything around is on fire too”. Well, life here is that “easy”. I would say my life there was fun until all the assignment came in and ruined the good times.

But please don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean I lost all my happiness after I became a part of this family. We had a family tour to Ratanakiri, Gala night party, project 3 event and many more fun activities. I do have lots of good time with my classmate and some of my seniors. It just that, as a fresh graduated from high school, I think it’s okay for me to complain about my life in the university and feel nostalgic about the one I had back then. (Come on, everyone did so, right?

One of the most annoying things about being a student in this department is that I always have to explain to whoever asks me what major I am studying. At first, I tried to tell them that I'm a media student that could, in the future, become a photographer, a T.V. program producer, a public relation officer and so on, but then I realized the more I try to explain to more they will question me. Later on, whenever I got asked “what major do you study?”, I just simply tell them that I study to become a journalist and then spending the rest of my time with them listen to what they complain about how unethical journalist in this country is. (Hey, I’m not rude, okay? I only do so because I’m tired of explaining it again and again.)

Another annoying thing I face is that not many people know my department (EVEN THE STUDENTS IN THE UNIVERSITY). I do feel bad about it when some students in the same university don’t even know that DMC exists,and the fact that there is a café next to my school, some even confuse where I study as a café and bathroom (They called here as a café that has bathrooms on the second floor). Really guy?

*sigh* I guess I had complained about so many things already, so I wanted to end it here.

However, what you have read above is only about my life experience in the school, I believe that my classmate and senior might have a different experience there. To know more about this department, I suggest you ask others students or, maybe, come to this family and experience it by yourself.

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