My Life At Department Of International Studies

My Life At Department Of International Studies

Posted at: 26 Nov 2020

It has been one year already for me being a student of the Department of International Studies at the Institute of Foreign Languages. Readers, are you one of the students at IFL, or do you wish to be one? No matter who you are, do you want to know my story after being a freshman there? Here, I will tell you.

It started from the preparation course registered by my brother for my entrance exam. On the first day, I entered the preparation-course classroom, I did feel a bit awkward since I knew nobody and the environment is completely different as well. It took me three weeks to study the preparation course until the entrance exam coming and I kept feeling lonely as always because I am an extreme introvert and I did not make friends with anyone during that time.

After the entrance exam was released, I was happy to the moon and back as I passed and sooner I would have become a student at the department I wished. Do you believe that an introvert like me could make friends very fast? Of course, I did! When the first day of school came, I was able to make friends since my classmates are friendly, lovely, and funny, and they got along well with each other from the very first day. Not only classmates but also lecturers who built a very good relation and communication with everyone. Absolutely, I started to feel warm and comfortable with everyone despite they were people I just to know.

As days passed, everything has started to evolve gradually from the easiest to the hardest. As one of the senior-year students said ‘The heaven gate to the hell’ which he referred to IFL, it must be right because everything starts to pressure me day by day. Regular or surprise quizzes, assignments, homeworks, tests, and exams have become harder and harder, also we are indirectly threatened by DEADLINE so hard. (To see how struggling in IFL we've faced “Click Here”) 

Last but not least, some people still have no idea that my department exists in this world, even if they knows IFL well. Some asked me ‘Where are you studying? How many colleges do you take?’ and I said ‘Only international studies at IFL’, then they came up ‘Why do study only English? Why don't you pursue another specific major?’. If you were me, what would you answer? Oh, see! I did mention about ‘International Studies’ but still, they think that it is a part of the Department of English. C’mon! IFL does not have only a Department of English, and I wish everyone knew this as well.

Otherwise, everything is not totally bad! Besides enjoying suffering, there are many good things to enjoy as well. Before I became a student there, I had been wondering why this school has such a beautiful landscape, but that doubt was solved because the answer is those are made for making students relax. Definitely, the environment is the best for studying quality and IFL has such a beautiful and relaxing environment including the fishing pools, ponds, trees, flowers... a lot more which provide fresh air and keep everyone feeling fresh after those very stressful works. Moreover, I can say that all my classmates are very nice because they are fun and being nice to one another and this keeps me from feeling lonely and miss my high-school friends. As we have been together for a year, we have laughed, smiled, played, and been fun a lot, haven’t we? Furthermore, lectures are professional who provide us the quality knowledge. Not only professional but lovely as well. They treat us like a family and are close to one another! Certainly, we do not only learn from school but also from people around us while we are studying.

In short, although school gives us hard time to deal with, still we love it all the way. Actually, I do enjoy my life at school because I keep thinking that nothing worth having comes easy!

“Nothing is good so good as university education, nor worse than a university without its education” -Edward Bulwer Lytton-

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