Many Lessons To Review , Should I Study Hard or Study Smart?

Many Lessons To Review , Should I Study Hard or Study Smart?

Posted at: 28 Sep 2020

Dear grade- 12 students,

Have you reviewed the lessons for the national exam yet? I know that you have already tried hard from the start. And now you have no more time to review details from each lesson, so you should study smart.

No one can memorize all the lessons detail, although we study hard from the beginning. Of course, I think you might say that I “What should I do the exam is coming soon and I have a lot of lessons to review? “ Do not worry anymore! You have to be creative in order to make the lessons easy to remember. Do not waste the time to make yourself be hard studying! You can not force yourself to remember all the lessons, but you have to know about the main ideas of the lessons.

Have you been doing exercises all the time? Do not try to do exercises all the time! You should memorize the formula and know the clue to do it. In order to memorize a formula, you should understand it. If you are a real science student, you should remember the main formula and know phenomena. If you are in social science, you should understand the lessons and the structure of the essay.

To sum up, no matter if you have many lessons to review I believe that you will find the trick to do the best by your own ability in the exam. You should trust yourself! You can do it on your exam! You have already tried from the start, didn’t you? Moreover, do not be nervous about the exam. Keep going! Carry on! There is me believing in you! You can do it!

I hope you pass the exam and get a good rank!


Written by: Khean Ravyvuthika

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