KEDS Rookie Debate Training and Competition 2023
  • Partially Funded Scholarship
  • High School
  • Cambodia
  • 26 Aug 2023

KEDS Rookie Debate Training and Competition 2023


About Program

It is a 2-day debate training, and 2-day debate tournament that allows middle/high school students to be more exposed to debate. In this tournament, students will receive three set of training as an introduction to debate along with the mock debate session before the actual debate competition. They will receive comments and feedback from our experienced judges during the rounds as well. The schedule of the tournament is provided below.

Language used for the program: English
Format: Modified World Schools Debating Format


  1. Be a student who is currently enrolled in Grade 6 to Grade 12 in schools in Cambodia.
  2. One team consists of three members. (If you do not have a team mate yet, please register as individual and we will try to match you up with others debater who does not have a member yet.)
  3. Each member should never break/advance to the final rounds in National Competitions such as National School Debating Competition, Cambodia Debate Open 2023, KEDS Rookie Debate Competition, ect. and international debate competitions.
  4. Be dedicated to the program and willing to learn more about debating.
  5. Students who know very little or none about debating are highly encouraged to apply.


  1. To understand basic structure of debate
  2. To analyze different perspective of the issue in debate
  3. To know how to make an impactful speech
  4. To interact more with teammates and new people 
  5. To get medals and certificates

How to Apply

Team Registration Form: Click Here to Register

Individual Registration Form: Click Here to Register

Registration Fee: $45 per team or $15 per person

Application Deadline: 26 August 2023 (11:59 PM GMT+7)

For More Information: Visit Khemara English Debate Society Facebook Page

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