It’s Not My Trash, But It’s My Planet

It’s Not My Trash, But It’s My Planet

Posted at: 22 Sep 2020

Written by Chea Rotha

There is a ton of trash that is dumped in the ocean every day. All those trashes have become a major problem in the world. As the prediction, if that trash still continues to grow and people don't care about it, the world will become polluted and the environment will become worse, also people won’t be able to live longer. So now it’s time to start forcing on those problems before it becomes worse. Nothing works if we don’t start it first.

Step 1: Educate yourself

Before you can take any actions, you need to educate yourself first by understanding the impact of trash, what will happen when we used it wrong, and knowing the differences between each group of garbage because some garbage seems environmentally harmless but it actually does a lot of damage. For example, paper cups, we might think that this kind of cups is easy to melt and it wouldn’t cause any damage at all, but in fact, it actually does and it’s hard to recycle; also, if we want to, it’s going to need a lot of money.

Step 2: Start from yourself first

People won’t listen to you if you didn’t do anything. So, the best way is you should start with yourself first by managing your garbage, or somehow if that garbage was made from plastic or wood you can recycle them. For example: Create recycled plastic bottle supply cups, make a DIY plastic bottle planter, start an herb garden with empty bottles, turn plastic bottle trash into a trash can...etc.

Step 3: Teach other

Teaching and explaining people about the impact of garbage is really hard because they only think that it’s just straw or sometimes they said it’s just a plastic bag, so it wouldn’t do any damage to the world, but they never knew that all these words were said by billions of people around the world. So, the first thing you should do is to show them the effort that you put into the work, then show them the positive sides of doing all those things. When you do all these things you might catch attention from them and it would be much easier to explain to them about the impact of the trash on the world.

It’s the right time that we must care about this problem because earth is the most beautiful place and it’s the only planet that can sustain life. We just hope that one day everyone would understand all these issues and make the world a better place again.

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