International Virtual Fair Program - Humanities, Communication and Arts Session

Posted at: 02 Oct 2020

Speakers: Dr Asha Chand - Associate Dean International in the School of Humanities and Communication Arts at Western Sydney University

Western Sydney University is a world-class university, globally recognised for its research strengths and innovations in teaching. The university values academic excellence, integrity and the pursuit of knowledge.

At Western Sydney University, the School of Humanities and Communication Arts comprises the broad disciplinary fields of Communication and Media, Literature and Creative Writing, Cultural Studies, Music and Therapy, Historical and Philosophical Inquiry, Visual Communication Design, and Languages and Linguistics. Our innovative research focuses on contemporary debates, perspectives, methods and technologies.

- Date: Saturday October 10th, 2020

- Time: 2: 30 PM (Phnom Penh Time)

- Via: Online (Zoom Meeting)

- Link to register:

For more information: you can contact us via 017 54 83 54 | 081 63 63 60

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