Improving quality of Basic Education
  • Fully Funded
  • Master/PhD
  • Japan
  • Improving quality of Basic Education
  • 31 Jan 2021

Improving quality of Basic Education



The objective of this program is to train teacher educators who will be assigned to work at the TECs after completing the program in Japan. This program offers opportunities for such personnel to study at graduate courses for a master’s degree in Japanese graduate schools as international students (hereafter referred to as participants). Beyond the acquisition of skills and knowledge, this program also intends to have the participants understand and get familiar with the contexts of Japanese culture and systems. The expected outcome of the program is that competent teacher educators with Master’s degrees are produced to support the TECs to run the new teacher training program (12+4).


  • Tuition at Japanese university master’s degree programs (and research students) (actual cost) 
  • Allowances for living expenses (fixed amount) 
  • Outfit allowance (general outfit and shipping)(fixed amount) 
  • Mobilization allowance (fixed amount) 
  • Moving allowance (lump-sum payment for a rental contract) 
  • Books (fixed amount) 
  • Interior research (fixed amount) 
  • A round-trip airfare (actual cost) 
  • Expenses for support programs during the study in Japan, including the cost of observation tours and internship (actual cost) 
  • Tuition for Japanese language and business manner training (fixed amount)


  • All Cambodian citizen
  • Have a bachelor’s degree
  • Have more than 5 years of working experience in the field of teacher education and 
  • Obtain permission for application from their current organizations. 
  • Adequate English proficiency, both in written and oral communication, in order to complete the master’s degree. 
  • Applicants must submit an English certificate (e.g. TOEIC, TOEFL, or IELTS) which will be taken into account for selection. 
  • Applicants are required to have a clear understanding of the objectives of the Program and have a strong will to contribute to the development of the education sector in Cambodia as well as to strengthen the linkage between their countries and Japan after returning home. 
  • Applicants are expected to be teacher educators in TECs after completion of the Program. 
  • Both physically and mentally fit for the program, 
  • Not receiving or planning to receive a scholarship offered by other foreign organizations,
  • Attend the activities on the weekends in unavoidable circumstances(ex. official exam)

How to Apply:

Each applicant is required to submit the following documents by the deadline set by JICA Cambodia Office on or before 12:00 January 31st, 2021. Please refer to this link point 6 for more information.

For more information, please contact this email:  or

Download application here:

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