I Don’t Think I Am Ready for BACII

I Don’t Think I Am Ready for BACII

Posted at: 28 Sep 2020

Thinking about BACII, are you ready? I believe many answers would be “no”, right? Can you believe it is happening in less than two weeks? Do you feel pressured? Do you feel lost?

Don’t worry, you are not alone! I’ve been there too where I doubted myself if I was going to pass this exam and I know many people would feel the same. Personally, I wasn’t a hard-working student back then; I slept late and woke up late especially I skipped classes many times just to sleep at home. Because of this, I was anxious as the exam date was approaching and I remember feeling like there was nothing in my brain after those 12 years of education.

It is okay to feel unready as there will always be many more things to prepare while there is still time. For me, I think that feeling unready is the first step which leads to the preparation as there is a saying that “Nervous means you care”-Shawn Mendes. However, in addition to being care for, there should be actions to be taken since it requires a commitment to achieve completion. In other words, after knowing what you are nervous about, you should use the time you have left to prepare your unreadiness. For example, you could fix your weaknesses in advance by asking for help from teachers or friends or you could spend more time studying the subject that you are bad at. Throwing back, notes, teachers’ exercises, and my friend’s explanations are my main reason for receiving good grades which is what I am always thankful for.

I adore the saying that “it is never too late to start” and the reason for this is that when you want to achieve something, you have got to go for it rather than holding back and being worried about starting later than others. Therefore, regardless of the outcome, you would not have any regrets later on as you had been trying the best you can already. There are countless things that can be done in this remaining time if you take a good look at it by using your best method of studying. For instance, I am a good note taker and resources collector, so even though I was absent a lot I ask my friends for their notes to copy and sometimes their explanations as well. As a result, I had enough resources to review although I had only about 2 or 3 months left, so I started studying by putting more effort into subjects that I wasn’t confident enough about as well as reviewing formulas that I would be using in the exam.

All in all, I would like to give my thanks to readers who read this article which is written from the bottom of my heart filling with my experiences and what I have always wanted to tell my old and future. People are different, I don’t expect all of you to do exactly the same to what was written above but rather taking those advices into thinking and start doing!

Written by: Lauch Sreynoch

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