How to become a morning Studier

How to become a morning Studier

Posted at: 22 Nov 2023

Discipline yourself as a quick and proactive learner in the morning is basically a life-changing. An early-bird students tend to succeed in academic performance since the best time to start their day are always the time that they already planed ahead of time. These are several useful tips for becoming a morning studier in effective way. 

1. Clean your study space: A proper space for studying can change your mood and especially boost your energy to keep focus during a self-study session. Make sure to clean your study space and keep it tidy, you may keep the space fresh and hygiene so that you can enjoy your time studying for a long time. 
2. Make a plan: the best thing you can do before you start your next morning is make a simple plan that you can achieve, it may be an easy task like making a bed, making a to do list for tomorrow or planning work before you go to sleep, if you are doing so, it will be easier for you to complete your task in the next day. 
3. Get a good night sleep: getting a proper sleep is the main factor to be healthy as well askeeping up the energy in the morning. Maintain your sleep time regularly 
4. Don’t hit snooze: when the alarm rings, you have to get up immediately and do not hit snooze to delay time in the bed because this may lead you to waste more time in the morning. 
5. Make your favorite drink: making a cup of coffee and such might also help you to be more active and Expose yourself to natural sunlight as early as possible to absorb the positive energy from the surrounding. 
6. Read over your plan: when waking up in the morning, you should read over your plan in order to follow so, your plan will guide you to do things that may completed by today and keep your day in order.
7. Set a timer and put your phone away: during your studying time, you can set a timer to focus on your study fully without any interruptions, at the same time put your phone away to avoid distraction. 
8. Study! : once you study, you have to actually study, not scrolling your phone for 1minute but an hour later you’re still on it. Let your progress of your studying increase your performance, be committed and be consistent toward your desired result. 


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