Helping Your Parents Does Not Mean Neglecting Education

Helping Your Parents Does Not Mean Neglecting Education

Posted at: 23 Sep 2020

Cambodia is a society that has high regard for family values. Growing up, similar to other Asian countries, we are taught that hard work, dedication, and education can get you far and a bright future. To our parents, at least mine, I need to receive more education than them. Their whole life is dedicated to providing us a better life both the present and the future. Thus, to most of us, the least what we can do is to help them with the minor housework or help them with their business, etc. 

However, in some cases, as it is happened to most of my friends in high school, doing housework or helping them look after the family business is an obligation for the children. But don’t get me wrong, it is not a bad thing, as I believe that housework can teach us about hard work and dedication to those works. Therefore, in order to balance between helping your parents and your study, here are some tips that might help you in avoiding neglecting your education:

Organize your schedule

The first important step whether to achieve good grades or balance your housework and schoolwork is to organize your time and schedule. Study and helping your parents can require a lot of energy. Thus, having good time management will allow you to accomplish more in a shorter period of time, which in return might lead to more free time, also might provide you an advantage of learning opportunities, lowering your stress, and helping you focus.

Create Homework Hours

On top of organizing your schedule, it is really important to create homework hours to ensure that you are able to finish all your works or assignments on time. Moreover, this homework hour is important to let everyone know that you are going to study so that you don’t get disturbed and finish your assignment one by one without stressing out about the tight deadlines.

Set Limits

Setting limits on tasks you should do for your parents will allow you to save your energy and focus on what’s important. I understand that parents are the most precious and important persons in your life, but you have to learn to say ‘No’ to them sometimes. After all, your parents won’t be happy if the housework makes you neglect your education as well.

Ask for help

I understand some of us are having the feeling that you’re so busy and stressful yet at the same time on one seems to understand how you feel. Based on my own experience, the simplest solution is to talk about your problems and ask for help. Identify your problems, then discuss your difficulties with your siblings or parents. I believe it might improve your situation better than you anticipated.

Create Time for Yourself

Whether it is about your study or helping your parents, taking a break is really important. Even it is taking a short break while working by standing up, stretching, and taking your eyes off the computer or taking the evening off to watch K-Drama or going out with friends, all of those activities is really important. It is a way to reward yourself for your hard work and taking care of yourself for your own long-term benefits.

Be Adaptive

As a university student and part-time worker at the same time, my priorities can be changed at any moment. But I believe it is my obligation too to make my time for my parents - whether to take them to the market or helping with the family business; it is the right thing to do even if they are not asking us to. Therefore, being flexible is really important and you must be ready to adapt to your schedule as your priorities and circumstances change. 

Things cannot be perfect all the time, so forgive yourself when things don’t get done. When you feeling like there are tons of works you have to finish, remember that your goal is to have a good career through your education so that you can create a stable life for yourself and your family. Therefore, focus on your future and I believe that your parents will understand too.

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