Full Scholarship to Study at Teikyo University, Japan, 2024-2026
  • Fully Funded Scholarship
  • Bachelor
  • Japan
  • Teikyo University
  • 15 Aug 2023

Full Scholarship to Study at Teikyo University, Japan, 2024-2026


About Scholarship

Teikyo University (TU) now offers Full Scholarships for 2 PUC students who have completed 24 months academic studies (third-year students) at PUC in the Faculty of Business and Economics to study at TU, Tokyo, Japan, 2024 - 2026 academic years.


To be eligible for this scholarship, the candidate must be:

  • Second-year students of PUC majoring in the Faculty of Business and Economics;
  • Cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 or higher;
  • PUC's current official transcript;
  • 2 recommendation letters from academic professors or deans;
  • A complete updated CV and cover letter;
  • An essay about the study plan at Teikyo University;
  • An essay about a self-introduction;
  • A copy of a valid passport.

Scholarship Benefits

  • Scholarship Period: two years starting from April 2024;
  • Stipend: scholarship of ¥80,000/month for each student;
  • Dormitory: TU provides housing facilities. However, housing support of ¥20,000/month is possible if a student has difficulties living in the TU-provided housing facilities. Students are responsible for power, fuel, and water expenses;
  • Airfare and Transportation: TU covered round-trip airplane tickets, some miscellaneous related to the trip to Tokyo, and settlement such as visa application fee;
  • Health Insurance: TU covers health insurance provided by the municipal authorities during the student's stay in TU;
  • Language Course: either all in Japanese or all in English;
  • School Fees: full exemption of admission and tuition fees of TU.

How to Apply

Interested PUC students must:

  1. Fill out the Scholarship Application Form, available at PUC International Relation Office, or get the soft copy from Ho Kimsoung at kimsoungho@puc.edu.kh ;
  2. Submit those required documents to PUC International Relation Office at Toul Kork Campus, Third Floor, and send the soft copy with a combined pdf file to kimsoungho@puc.edu.kh.

Application Deadline: 15 August 2023.

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