First, Build Your Confidence

First, Build Your Confidence

Posted at: 22 Sep 2020

Dear grade 12 students. Are u ready for the upcoming National Exam?

I know some of you must be ready because you had been trying so hard for 12 years to wait for that very moment, so your knowledge could be enough to pass this very important exam. However, some of you are not ready for it yet because you know your not yet clear for all those subjects yet. You guys already know that the National Exam of all grade 12 students is coming so soon that is not even a month-long. You have to make sure that you are ready for it by preparing everything like try to review the lessons as much as and as long as you can before the exam, or by practicing them regularly. Be careful with health by getting enough rest or sleep and especially the diets because if you eat foods that are not good or safe, that would be trouble during the exam. All the above are tips for grade 12 examination preparation. However, that’s not all from me for this article because I will tell you the important tip to help you before the exam, which is to build your confidence before the National Exam too.

To build your confidence before the exam in this very short time, there is nothing than trying to calm yourself down, I know whenever you lose confidence you can feel panic or scare of anything around you and it will get you ill properly. That is the difficulty that most students struggle and most of them fail to overcome it.

I know it is hard for those who are not yet ready for this exam because you know that your ability or the percentage of your knowledge to pass this exam is low. It will lead you to lose your own confidence and believing in yourself. When you don’t have confidence, you will not believe in yourself then you will lose focus on anything that is important to you and can ruin your tasks or any opportunities you have been waiting for. You need to understand that anyone can lose confidence, but you can not lose it forever. Confidence is just like our life that we depend on every day. You know that doing anything, not even examination or working at a workplace, employees or students must have confidence in themselves if they wish to complete the tasks or exam paper perfectly and receive the good compliment as the feedback. However, if you don’t have confidence, you will fear that you are not sure or don’t know what to do in order to make the tasks or exam paper finish properly. Because of this feeling, you will not be able to focus on the problems and fail at anything then you will blame yourself that you are weak or unworthy to do anything and also let the people around you feel the same way as you think about yourself too.

You need to know that “Confidence” is the most powerful weapon to get rid of any obstacles in your life because it helps you to understand yourself, trust in yourself, and believe in your instincts. When you finish reading this article, just ask yourself one question, “If you are not believing in yourself, so who will?”

Written By: Seng Sothearith

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