Fact Check: Can I study in Thailand when I cannot speak Thai?

Fact Check: Can I study in Thailand when I cannot speak Thai?

Posted at: 29 Sep 2020

When thinking and planning of studying abroad, language is one of the most common concerns that Cambodian students have in mind. Especially in the country where English is not the official language such as Thailand and China, many students would worry if they can still pursue their overseas education there. For students who plan to study in Thailand but do not know Thai, this article will resolve the doubt you have in mind. 

Located just at the doorstep of Cambodia, Thailand is one of the top destinations for Cambodian students to study overseas because of its quality of education, geographical proximity, many interesting tourist sites, and more. As we have known, Thai is their official language and the language that Thai people use as the medium of communication and instruction. Depend on the city, you might or might not find many people who can speak English there.

Don’t feel hesitant just yet! The good news is the answer to the question is you can still study in Thailand even if you don’t know Thai. 

International Programs

The world is more connected than ever. English is one of the world's recognized languages of communication and also the ASEAN official communication language. Many prestigious universities in Thailand do offer an international program that teaches in English for international students and Cambodian students. Chulalongkorn University, Rangsit University, Thammasat University, The University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce (UTCC) are among the top-ranking universities in Thailand that offer international programs. Moreover, some universities in Thailand also partners with various universities around the globe, and some also offer dual degree programs. Therefore, many students who stay in Thailand are actually pursuing their overseas education in international programs.  

Thai Language Intensive Course

Some Cambodian students who go to study in Thailand choose to go through at least 3-month Thai language intensive course before starting their education journey there. Students are expected to be able to communicate in Thai within that period of time. Also, certain scholarship from the Royal family in Thailand also offers this language course as the preparation course before the university education. Just as some students who need to undergo the Korean language training to pursue their overseas education in South Korea, it is also the case for some students who plan to study in Thai. 

Fast Learning 

If you are still worrying that life in Thailand would be a struggle when you do not know Thai, you shouldn’t be because it is considered quite easy for Cambodian students to catch up Thai language. Because of some similarly is pronunciations, generally, Cambodian students usually are able to communicate in basic Thai for daily use after studying 3 to 4 months. There are also many Cambodian students who catch up with the language along the way during studying there. It is always an asset to know another language. Therefore, learning a few months of Thai is not a waste. Moreover, studying in Thailand would also be a great opportunity to practice and learn a new language which you cannot achieve by studying in an English-speaking country. 


In short, you can still study in Thailand even if you do not speak Thai because there are many international programs offered by many prestigious universities there. Cambodian students can also generally pick up the Thai language pretty quickly. 

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