Erasmus Mundus Scholarships For Program Country Students
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  • 15 Feb 2020

Erasmus Mundus Scholarships For Program Country Students

  • Description:

    TCCM is a two-year master (referred as M1 and M2 respectively) of 120 ECTS. M1 is mostly delivered at the local level, the syllabus to be implemented in each university has been agreed among all degree-awarding universities to ensure common contents, within the restrictions imposed by national regulations or by the need to adapt the plan to the level of local students. It covers the fundamental aspects: theoretical methodologies, computational techniques, and main applications. At the very beginning of the M1 and integration activity will take place every year to ensure a sense of community among our students. It will allow all the M1 students from the TCCM Master (Master regardless of their country of choice for M1) to meet each other and feel part of a joint journey.

    The courses in M2 include a compulsory part and several elective subjects to cover the different fields of applications. All M2 courses will be common and offered during the first semester of the second year to all master’s students. They have been designed to promote mobility and will be held in different countries but allowing that at least 30 ECTS are completed in one single country. During the second semester of M2, all students will do their Master thesis in collaboration between two groups from different partners and different countries, to enhance collaboration and integration among research groups and to ensure that students learn at least two complementary techniques. In the Master thesis, students will spend a minimum of three months in a country different from the University in which they are registered, thereby also addressing the EMJMD objective of “promoting linguistic diversity and intercultural awareness”.

     This scheme will ensure that all students take long periods in at least two different countries and can do the required compulsory mobility of 30 ECTS in a second country in any of the two semesters of the second year, or in both having extra mobility periods adding up to more than 30 ECTS.  


    Devoted to partner country students. These scholarships will cover:  

  • Living allowance: a contribution to subsistence costs of 1000€/month for 24 months*.
    Participation Costs: tuition fees and participation costs will be covered.
    Insurance health: the student will be insured.
  • Contribution to travel and installation costs: the amount of this item will vary depending on the place of origin.
  • 1000€ installation the first year + 2.000€/year for scholarship holder resident in a partner country whose location is situated at less than 4,000 km from the TCCM coordinating.
  • 1000€ installation the first year + 3.000€/year for scholarship holder resident in a partner country whose location is situated at s tan 4,000 km or more from the TCCM coordinating.
      *Not to a scholarship holder from a partner country for the TCCM periods exceeding three months spent in any partner country. 


The requirements to be accepted in the TCCM Master are:  

  • The requirements to be accepted in the TCCM Master are Bachelor in Chemistry, Physics or Material Science or any equivalent level if authorized by the legislation of the corresponding European Country. Other scientific bachelors can be accepted, provided the student takes complementary leveling courses, under the supervision of his/her local Tutor. Internationally recognized English proficiency certificate equivalent to a TOEFL score of at least 213/500, 65/120 or 513/677, an IELTS score of at least 6, First Cambridge Certificate or B2.
     The same criteria apply to students coming from Europe and from third countries. 
  • For students coming from third countries or having a Bachelor different from those mentioned above, the possession of the following (or equivalent) subjects at the level of the Chemistry Eurobachelor needs to be certified: 
  • Chemical Bonding, Atomic and Molecular Structure and Intermolecular Interactions, General Physics, Mathematics, General Physical Chemistry, Thermodynamics and Kinetics, Spectroscopy. 
  • Some deficiencies may be remedied through the leveling course. However, if there are deficiencies in more than two of the aforementioned areas, the applicant will not be accepted. 
  • Students in the last year of any of these Bachelor studies can apply. However, they will be definitely accepted only if they successfully finish their Bachelor studies before the 1st of September of the Academic Year in which they wish to start the Master Courses. 

How to Apply 

Students interested to apply for the TCCM Scholarships should send to ONE pdf file with all the following documents: (all documents have to be translated into English. Official translation is not mandatory): 

  • A letter of motivation. 
  • A CV, including full academic information (degree, matters studied indicating the marks obtained, level of English, and all the information the applicant may consider relevant). 
  • Copy of the passport’s page where personal information is described. 
  • Proof of current place of residence, place of work, or study.
  • Transcription of the academic records of bachelor’s degree (copy TOR of master’s degree too, if any). 
  • Copy of diploma of bachelor’s degree (copy of the diploma of master’s degree too, if any. 
  • An internationally recognized English level test. 
  • Two letters of recommendation*
    The letter of compliance signed by the applicant.
    *Referees can send their reference letter by themselves to

    The selection of scholarship holders is carried out by the TCCM International Committee. The evaluation is made according to the information provided.

     Please note that if the applicant is admitted to the Master, he/she will need to provide mandatorily, the corresponding certified copies of the academic record, and degree certificates (legalized accordingly with the applicable legislation between the origin and host country) and English proficiency certificate. 

For more information, please visit this site. 


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