Don’t Believe Everything You Think

Don’t Believe Everything You Think

Posted at: 22 Sep 2020
Why not? Everyone loves oneself, so why can’t we believe what we think? By the way, our moods are not stable nor the same as always; just like a roller coaster going up and down but it is our choice choosing to be excited or scared of the ride. What if your feeling is not stable, should you still believe it every time? Here is a letter to those who are facing mental and feeling unstable and coming to read this article.

Dear beloved friends, 
I hope you are doing pretty fine! You have been facing bad things a lot, like anxiety or other mental illnesses; but you still can remain strong enough to confront this cruel world until now. Can I address you as my friends now? Or else you should treat me as a friend of yours writing a letter to you. 

I know that sometimes you hate this world so much as you don’t want to believe anything besides yourself, and if I tell you not to believe what you think, you may hate me for that too, but trust me! I won’t let you down. This world is cruel! It lets you all alone; it does not let anyone believe what you said; it lets you feel so down..., but you are not all alone; it is just that you have not yet found the right person. That right person is somewhere around you! How can you find her/him? You have to use your heart because special things cannot be seen by your eyes; it has to be felt by the heart. Don’t worry or be scared of people who sincerely love you! 

You might feel nervous and scared of others’ thoughts of you, but you should know that everything you have thought is not always true. Sometimes you have been overthinking or imagined something that it is not true at all; they are illusions! When you are down and all alone, your brain starts to create strange and impossible images, and those make you feel that they are true while actually, they are not. That is why you need the right person to drag back to the real world. 

You don’t have to be stubborn and narcissist all the time! Listen to others as well! Choosing a person whom you trust and truly love you with their heart is very important to change you to your whole new life. That person could be your friend, family member, or even lover; but you have to make sure that she/he is willing to help you. Otherwise, don’t give your heart and soul depending on others too easily because it will let you even down if she/he is not that right person and accidentally let you down one day. 

Trust me, my dear! You should open up to others sometimes and stop hating human beings on the earth because everyone is not as bad as you think and abandons you. At the very least, you still have me writing this letter to bring you up in this dark world, even though you have never seen me in real life, but I exist! 

From a friend of every anxious people who have been trying every method to understand you the most.

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