Did You Know? Study in Thailand is like…

Did You Know? Study in Thailand is like…

Posted at: 29 Sep 2020

Cambodian students may find Thailand an acceptable destination when looking for destination for studying abroad. This might be because of the reputation of the country’s education quality, convenience for both parents and students to travel back and forth, and affordable tuition fees compared to other countries in Asia such as China and Singapore. On top of these, there are a few exceptional qualities of studying and living in Thailand that students should know. 



Besides the quality of education, Thailand is the shelter of a bunch of regionally well recognized higher education institutions such as Chulalongkorn University, Mahidol University, Thammasat University, and other well-known private universities including UTCC and Rangsit University. Moreover, Thailand is one of the only other five countries in ASEAN to provide the Aviation Program. You don’t have to know Thai to study there because those famous universities offer international programs that are fully taught in English. 



Cambodian students who choose to study in Thailand can expect to enjoy a lively living environment outside the university campus especially in Metro Bangkok. Bangkok is well-known for its malls and supermarkets center where students can enjoy buying staff. Furthermore, don’t worry about shopping with an empty stomach. Cambodian students can find many 24/7 convenience stores located nearby to one another. In addition, they can expect to take an endless journey at the night market and enjoy cheap but delicious street foods and return home with a big belly. 



Cambodian students can travel to many attractive destinations all around Thailand during the weekend after school. Those who study in Phuket will be entertained by the screen of the beautiful beach and dancing wave of the sea and those studies in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai can expect to take their journey exploring the spectacular nature of the Northern region of Thailand. For your information, traveling locally in Thailand is not expensive! You can travel by bus, boat, train, and plane at an affordable rate. Students can purchase a monthly prepaid card to access to metro and sky train in Bangkok for daily traveling. 


Be careful 

Students should not enjoy in Thailand without caution. There are things you should avoid and firmly obey. First, don’t disrespect religion, tradition, and the royal family. These units are highly respected by Thai people and matters related to the royal family are protected by the country’s law and authority. Second, don’t point your finger at someone. Instead, use your whole palm to direct at the person who you refer to. Third, keep yourself calm. Behaving aggressively in Thailand is not appropriate and instead of doing this you should smile and communicate with the friendly local people and learn their language. 


To learn more about studying and living in Thailand, please register through this link to claim the Study in Thailand E-Guidebook.


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