Dear 12 Graders, Be Proud Of What You Have Done

Dear 12 Graders, Be Proud Of What You Have Done

Posted at: 26 Nov 2020

Dear grade-12 students,

How was your exam? I hope you did very well! I know that you did put all your efforts and try your best already, so just let it be.

Nobody is perfect!!! Although you made a few mistakes in your exam papers, you already did your best in the exam, didn’t you? Of course, this exam is very important for your future career but you are more important, so do not be sad about mistakes you did on your paper… It’s already gone!! When it was my time, I did some mistakes in my exam paper as well, so you are not the only one. By just a few mistakes, they won’t make you fail for the whole, trust me!

Have you ever thought that if you cannot do very well, others may not too? Absolutely, you are not alone! You should be proud of what you did since it was done by yourself without cheating. Understanding your own ability is very important, so be happy that you did not cheat during the exam and you still were able to do this good. Passing exams with justice is the most important of all! Believe me, integrity and justice will never die if you do believe in them. With MoEYS setting the fair national examination for all of you, you should be happy with it since you did not do something illegal, doing your exam with fairness, and knowing your own ability.

Specifically, you should start considering your future and what to do next for entering college, not staying still and regretting what you cannot be back to change. Do not worry that you are not able to enter college since you did a very good job on your national exam already! What you have to do from now on is thinking about choosing a college, finding your next target right after the result is released, and finding where to study for entrance exams if you need.

All in all, no matter what you did in your exam, you should be proud of yourself. Although it was not perfect, still you will pass right the way because there is me believing in you. Moreover, do not be sad and keep regretting what you cannot go back to correct. Let’s think about future because you did your best already and be yourself no matter what situation is!

Looking forward to seeing your best result, 


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