Call for Applications: U.S. Mission Phnom Penh Student Intern Program

Call for Applications: U.S. Mission Phnom Penh Student Intern Program

Posted at: 21 Mar 2023

About Program

The U.S. Embassy Phnom Penh is offering a Student Internship Program (Summer Cycle) to Cambodian students from June to October 2023. The Mission promotes Diversity and Inclusion practices when recruiting and selecting candidates that not only meet the work criteria but might expand on similar and different personal and professional backgrounds to include but not limited to; abilities, nationalities, age, sexual orientation, genders, regions, and cultures.


In order to be eligible for this program, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Citizens or permanent legal residents of the host country;
  • At least 18 years old;
  • Must have graduated from high school or equivalent prior to beginning the program;
  • Must be an active student at a public or private higher education institution;
  • Must provide a certified transcript from high school (if recently graduated) or from the last term/semester to show proof of good academic standing;
  • Must provide a certification letter from the school certifying current enrollment;
  • Must be able to work until end of October 2023.

Note: Applicants who previously participated in the Cambodian Student Internship cannot repeat the program.   Unsuccessful applicants may reapply for the program.

Qualification Requirements

  1. General field of studies.
  2. Level II (Limited Knowledge) Speaking/Reading/Writing English and Level IV (Fluent) Khmer are required. Language proficiency will be tested.
  3. Proficiency in Microsoft Office.

Document Requirements

  1. Completed Cambodian Student Intern Program Form. Download the form here
  2. Certified Transcript from the last term/semester illustrating good academic standing.
  3. Certified School Certification Letter or Enrollment Letter.
  4. National Identification Card.

How to Apply

Please send the Application for Cambodian Student Intern Program Form along with the other required documents to 

Visit Official Website

Application Deadline: 06 April 2023

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