Call for Application for Subcommittee Members

Call for Application for Subcommittee Members

Posted at: 06 Dec 2023

About the Young SEAker Cambodia

The Young SEAkers Cambodia Chapter (TYS Cambodia) is a national chapter of The Young SEAkers (TYS). The Young SEAkers is a non-profit organization that brings together vibrant, competent ASEAN youths who are passionate about advancing the ASEAN-China region. The Young SEAkers is the first and only Southeast Asia-based non-profit with a China and ASEAN angle. Headquartered in Singapore, The Young SEAkers has successfully set up regional chapters across all 10 ASEAN countries and China, making it a truly regional youth-led organisation.


The mission of The Young SEAkers is to create a new generation of ASEAN-China savvy youth leaders. With its mission in mind, The Young SEAkers aims to nurture a community of passionate SEAkers who are well-equipped with cross-border competencies that enable them to tap on the full potential of the ASEAN-China region.


We prepare youths to be cross-culturally competent in ASEAN-China through networks, soft skills, and experiences. TYS is a springboard that propels youths to meet people, gain opportunities, and knowledge that take advantage of the up-and-coming region. Through curated practical opportunities and continual programmes. We create a platform and environment to maximise the potential of our youths in the ASEAN-China region.


Job Type: Volunteer

Summary of Role

  • Financial Officer
    • “Financial Officer'' (FO) is mainly responsible for assisting with tasks under the Financial Department of TheYoung SEAkers Cambodia Chapter. The duties that under control the financial department have such as preparing the annual budget for the chapter, maintaining organisation budget, liaising with the HQ on accounting and auditing matters, managing club expenses through finding a potential supplier and effective budgeting, strategizing the plan, and working closely with the Public Relations department to seek for financial support from external partners. FO will report directly to the Chief Financial Officer.
    • Requirement
  • Undergraduate students in any field with a flexible working schedule (study background in finance and accounting is a plus)
  • Strong communication skills - both oral and written
  • Excellent interpersonal and organizational skills
  • Good English proficiency
  • Honest, trustworthy, understanding, open-minded, flexible, and energetic
  • High team spirit, patient, responsible, friendly, integrity, and creative
  • Junior Research Officer
    • The main job is to prepare necessary related research work, event/project report, organization report, news summary for weekly programmes, edit the articles for TYS flagship publications, produce at least one article, and other research and writing related tasks assigned by the Chapter Leaders. You will have the opportunity to engage with numerous projects/events/activities at TYS Cambodia both at the local and regional level.
    • Requirement

We are looking for young people who are passionate about the research of ASEAN-China Relations, and Cambodia-ASEAN Relations and committed to building a wider network across Southeast Asia and China

  • For undergraduate students in any field with flexible working schedules, students in the field of social science is a plus
  • Able to work in a dynamic environment and passionate about research
  • Has a good personality, commitment, and willingness to learn
  •  Relevant experiences in basic research, writing/editing articles, or youth development projects is a plus
  • Media and Digital Communication Officer
    • "Media and Digital Communication Officer'' is mainly responsible for handling tasks under the provisions of the Media and Digital Communications Department of the Young SEAkers Cambodia Chapter. Those tasks are strategizing the communication plan, supporting the development and implementation of digital content, and assisting with online and offline campaigns. We are seeking someone with strong visual and creative skills, as well as a passion for social media and learning new things. We have a list of desirable credentials below, but we accept submissions from anyone with any degree or expertise. This position is perfect for someone who wants to learn more about media and digital communication in a youth-led organization while also contributing to the other youths in the region.
    • Requirement
  • Undergraduate students in any field with flexible working schedule - having a media and communications, graphic design, and digital marketing background is an asset
  • Having good knowledge and experience in Canva, Adobe software, and/or any other Video editing software is strongly preferred
  • Having good knowledge and experience in photography, videography, and editing is strongly preferred
  • Strong communication skills both oral and written
  • Excellent interpersonal and organizational skills
  • Good English proficiency
  • Understanding, open-minded, flexible and energetic
  • High team spirit, patient, responsible, friendly, integrity and creative
  • People and Education Officer
    • "People and Education Officer'' will work on maintaining a good membership experience, skill trainings and education. Primarily, you will be working on upcoming programmes/events/projects such as 1) SEAkers Education Fair (SEF), 2) SEAkers Skills Training Series, 3) Enhancing Membership Experience, etc. P.E. Department is also responsible for creating platforms and spaces for TYS Cambodia members to improve their personal growth and professional development, you will work on the Quarterly Membership Survey to properly strategize the “SEAkers Skills Training Series”.
    • Requirement
  • Undergraduate students in any field with flexible working schedules, highly encouraged for freshmen and sophomore
  • Good English proficiency
  • Having a passion for lifelong learning
  • Understanding, open-minded, flexible, and energetic
  • Strong team-building experience
  • Programme Officer
    • “Programme Officer'' will work closely with and mainly under provision of the Programme Department of The Young SEAkers Cambodia. Programme Officer will engage with all TYS flagship programs through their mandate and work on initiating new programs when necessary. Planning and strategizing programs are major tasks followed by close communication with other members, initiating new ideas, following with participants of our programs, communicating externally with other chapters, and forming collaboration cross-chapters if necessary.
    • Requirement
  • Undergraduate students in any field with flexible working time
  • Having good knowledge and/or experience with project management
  • Good English proficiency
  • Understanding and open-minded
  • High team spirit, committed, patient, responsible, friendly, responsive, integrity and creative
  • Being curious with a willingness to learn 
  • Innovative in coming up with new ideas for programmes for TYS
  • Public Relation Officer
    • “Public Relations Officer'' (PR Officer) will work under the provision of the Public Relations Department of The Young SEAkers Cambodia Chapter. PR Officer will mainly work on building and maintaining external relations with the purpose of seeking partnership, collaboration, support, and sponsorship including long-term or project-based partnerships. In supporting the Programme Department and Digital Communication Department, PR officers will also communicate with external parties to reach out to speakers, advocates, or organizations as required. PR Officer helps ensure effective communication with our partners or stakeholders and the public audience.
    • Requirement
  • Undergraduate students in any field with a flexible working schedule
  • Strong communication skills both oral and written
  • Excellent interpersonal and organizational skills
  • Good English proficiency
  • Responsive, detail-oriented, and great networking skills
  • Understanding, open-minded, flexible, and energetic
  • Experiences in PR, Partnership, or related roles is a plus

How to Apply

Apply by sending a cover letter (1 page) and curriculum vitae (2 pages max) Compiled in 1 PDF file

to, subject: Name_Role_TYSCambodia (e.g.: ABC_FinanceOfficer_TYSCambodia)

Application Deadline

The application deadline is on 15 December 2023.


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