Bullying Is Never Okay

Bullying Is Never Okay

Posted at: 31 Aug 2020

Have you ever been bullied? Or have you been helping someone who is being bullied? Of course, the answer is “Yes”. Therefore, What is Bullying? Why is Bullying very dangerous in society? Well, bullying is a horrible thing that destroys people’s lives and happiness. Being bullied by someone, there may have a negative impact on teenagers growing up with painful feelings, embarrassment, and nervousness. It often happens to teenagers who are powerless against bullying.

Normally, there are so many types of bullying that we just never notice “Psychical bullying, Verbal bullying, and Social bullying-”. Nevertheless, people have been bullied by someone because they have:

  • Having dark skin, ugly, or too dumb
  • Having unusual names
  • Having underweight or overweight
  • Different in religion, gender, or sexual preference

Sometimes, they have been bullied by their own feelings. Since most of the kids have excessive emotions of loneliness, sadness, anxiety, and shame of their parents getting a divorce. Generally speaking, for my own experience that I had been bullied by society when I was a teenager. As a high school life, it’s a hard time for me to prepare and understand myself. I always look in the mirror and ask “Am I good enough? Am I perfect, pretty, and skinny enough?” From day to day, I started to look down on myself until one day I realized that “Why am I thinking in this way? Why am I trying to fit in with society and the media?”

Likewise, Media has taught us that we aren’t good enough, unrealistic, or Photoshop images. This is the reason I believed that we all are bullied. Importantly, teenagers or adults who have been bullied may impact their feeling of sadness, stress, depression, mental health issues, or sometimes they’re lead to having suicidal thoughts. Many people have asked me, “How to deal with those kinds of negative thoughts? Or what is my solution?” “The truth is I personally suffered from social bullying” For me, personally, I know how it feels when you are totally alone, no one could ever understand you, and no one wants to listen about your problem; thus, it hurts you more than emotionally. I can tell you that bullying is real. Bullying Is Never Okay.

I don’t believe that all of us can stop bullying in this society. For me, to be honest, “ALWAYS BE YOURSELF”. Finding one thing that YOU LOVE ABOUT YOURSELF. Essentially, remind yourself that “You know yourself way better than any bullies does” I know it's not easy to deal with these situations, but trust me, everything must take time for it.

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