Asia University Scholarship for Students from ASEAN Countries
  • Partially Funded Scholarship
  • Bachelor
  • Japan
  • Asia University
  • 15 Mar 2023

Asia University Scholarship for Students from ASEAN Countries


About Scholarship

Highly motivated students from ASEAN countries may want to apply for the "Scholarship for Students from ASEAN Countries." Funded by corporate donations, this scholarship will cover 100% tuition for a 4- or 5-year program at Asia University.


Scholarships will only be available to those who:

  1. Nationality: Any Country from ASEAN except dual citizens in ASEAN country and Japan.
  2. Age: Those who fulfill the following requirements either a. or b.
    a. Current senior high school student who intends to graduate by March, 2024
     b. Those who have already graduated from high school between the periods indicated in Application
  3. Education Background: Those who finished or expected to finish the 12 years (11 years for Myanmar) of education method in their country
  4. Japanese Language Ability
    Intensive Japanese Course: Those who hold N4 or N3 of the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test), and/or D level of J. TEST, and/or level 3 of NAT-TEST and who have an incentive to study in Japan.
     Regular Undergraduate Course Those who hold N2 or N1 of the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) and who have an incentive to study in Japan.
  5. Achievement: Those who marked good records in high school. Mother Language, English, and Mathematics should be high ranked.
  6. Health: Applicants have to be healthy both in physically and mentally to study in Japanese university.
     Applicants are required to turn in the medical certificate officially issued by a medical organization.
  7. Arriving in Japan: Applicants must arrive in Japan before March 31st of the year they enter AU.
  8. Visa: Students must apply and receive the Student Visa before they arrive in Japan.
  9. After Graduation: Students should keep a close cooperation with AU even after graduation and try to improve the level of trust relationship between Japan and their countries.


Please send the following documents after web registrations (All certificates must be original, not copy)

  1. Application Form (Do Not Type. Handwritten Only)
  2. Certificate of High School Graduation (or Expected Graduation Certificate)
  3. Certificate of Current High School Enrollment (If you are a high school student)
  4. Certificate of Academic Record from High School
  5. Certificate of JLPT (N4 or N3) or J-TEST, or NAT-TEST
  6. Following Documents Regarding the Financial Guarantor
    1. Proof of Employment b. Proof of Income c. Proof of Financial Standing
  7. d. Proof of Relationship with the Applicant
  8. Translation in Japanese (If not written in Japanese or English)
  9. High School Recommendation Letter from Principal or Teacher (Only Partner Schools)

Scholarship Benefits

  • Tuition & Fees for Intensive Japanese Course
  • Tuition and Fees for the Undergraduate Course
  • Study Materials and Application Fee
  • Share House Utility Fee (First 2 Years Only)

How to Apply

  1. Create your account here: 
  2. Please go to APPLICATION GUIDE and follow instructions carefully

Office Website

Application Deadline: 15 March 2023

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