Study in Switzerland: 5 Facts about Switzerland

December 11, 2020
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Switzerland is considered a far-flung country in the European continents for Cambodian students. Located in the heart of continental Europe, Switzerland, officially known as the Swiss Confederation, is a small country with a rich history. It is actually also a great destination for Cambodian students to study especially with the high quality of living. To get you to know more about Switzerland, here are ten facts about Switzerland. 

1. Switzerland is quite a small country.

It might be a general perception of Cambodian people that country in European continents is big. In fact, Switzerland is only around 41,277 square kilometers with its population of around 8.4 million, which is around 4 times smaller than Cambodia in size and half as much as the population of Cambodia. Though a small country in size and population, Switzerland is well-known for many things as a high-income country. 

2. Switzerland is not a member of the EU.

Interestingly, Switzerland is not a member of the European Union which comprised of 27 countries from European continents. However, Switzerland is a member of the Schengen Area which allows for the mobility of the people of the member states and a border-free area without an internal border. Therefore, even though Switzerland is not a member of the EU, people living in Switzerland can still travel across many countries on the European continent. Additionally, Switzerland is also a member of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA).

3. Switzerland has four official languages.

Being influence by the neighboring countries, Switzerland has four official languages which are German, French, Italian, and Romansch. This also implies the multi-cultural environment in Switzerland. Students who study in Switzerland would have the opportunity to experience more than one culture in Switzerland.  

4. Switzerland is the safest place to be if there is a nuclear war.

Besides being a country that is relatively safe, in fact, Switzerland is a unique country to have enough nuclear fallout shelters to protect its entire population should there be the need for that. The shelter is also legally accessible for everyone nearby. 

5. Switzerland is the birthplace of the Red Cross.

You must have heard of the Red Cross organization. If you compare the flag of Switzerland with the Red Cross, you will notice that the flags are simply a color-switching from one another. It is of no coincidence. In fact, the Red Cross was born in 1863 in Geneva as the International Committee of the Red Cross with its emblem as the inverse of the Swiss flag.

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