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February 05, 2021
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SIM GE is the global education arm of the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM Group), one of the largest and leading private education institutions in Singapore.

Today, the Institute continues to offer holistic range of higher education and continuing education and training programs. 

  1. More than 10 Reputed Partnered Universities (Australia, Europe, The US and UK) 
  2. Top 3 Best Private Institutes For Consecutive Years
  3. 5,457 Students within 83.6% of Graduates (found jobs within 6 months)
  4. More than 80 Programs Offered 
  5. Extensive Campus Size of 110,000 sqm
  6. Singapore's Largest Management Library 
  7. Well-Equipped Gym and Multi-Purpose Sports Hall 
  8. Eateries/Cafes wide selection of food choices  

The reasons you should study at SIM:  

  1. Raising the employability quotient through industry internships and career readiness initiatives. 
  2. Join Career Connect with UNICORN: career platform and development 
  3. Career & Internship fairs with 163 companies participated 
  4. Internship Opportunities with wide variety companies
  5. 77.3% Overall Employment Rate 
  6. Singapore World's Best country to live in (HSBC Global Report 2017) 
  7. One of the world's most multicultural cities (Cultural Trip)
  8. Lowest unemployment rate in Asia (International Monetary Fund 2018) 

Further Assistance

You can contact to WEduAbroad Team for further support and assistance at +855 17 54 83 54 | +855 81 63 63 60 (available in Telegram)

Office Address: 38th Floor (via Sky Lobby), GIA Tower, Koh Pich, Phnom Penh


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