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December 11, 2020
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Have you received our previous four country guidebooks about Study in China, Thailand, Singapore and the United States? If so, you might realize that we have taken you across the countries in Asia to North American continents. This month, WEduAbroad is proud to take you for a tour to a country in European continents with this Study in Switzerland E-Guidebook! As usual, the public can now access to this informative e-guidebook free-of-change on our website and Facebook page by just taking a minute to register in our link.    

From an overview of Switzerland and its education system to popular majors and cities to go to study as well information about financial costs, this E-guidebook includes all the information students would need about studying in Switzerland. Readers of this E-Guidebook would pick up the general picture of life as a student in Switzerland and the key information needed to make a sound decision whether to choose to study in Switzerland and what to prepare.   

This E-guidebook about Switzerland is a booklet compiled and created for Cambodian students who wish to study in Switzerland and can be considered the first-ever guidebook about studying in Switzerland for Cambodian students' context specifically.  

Register now! Be the first to claim this comprehensive E-Guidebook! This all-in-one information about studying in China will be yours very soon.   

Register HERE now to get this E-guidebook for FREE.

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