ACE Student Accommodation Scholarship 2023
  • Fully Funded Scholarship
  • Bachelor
  • Cambodia
  • 31 Jul 2023

ACE Student Accommodation Scholarship 2023


About this Program

The Dormitory and Leadership Training Centre (DLTC) is a unique facility that is currently home to 18 students. Marginalized Cambodian youths from remote provinces and urban slum communities are given opportunity to attend university through the provision of housing, scholarships, leadership training, a wide variety of programs and life skills activities.


  • Must be high school graduate, freshman year in university or just started sophomore year
  • Must come from any province in Cambodia
  • Aspire to be a potential leader in the future
  • Willing to join volunteer work and participate in social development by sharing experiences and knowledge that help society


  • Khmer Identity Card
  • Family Record Book
  • Picture with guardian in front of your house

Activities and Services

  • A leadership training based, self-governance model for all residents
  • Weekly leadership seminars on conflict resolution, mental health, job seeking
  • Extensive life skills training and programs
  • English and computer classes
  • Expert Guest speakers

Support for Poor Students

  • Dormitory housing at the DLTC
  • Bicycles for transport to and from classes
  • University Scholarships

Scholarship Benefits

Eligible candidates will receive free accommodation in Phnom Penh as well as leadership training, work experience and job opportunity.

Application Deadline: 31 July 2023

How to Apply

Interested applicants can submit Online Application Form by CLICK HERE.

Official Website

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