6 Popular Majors for Cambodian Students to Study in China

6 Popular Majors for Cambodian Students to Study in China

Posted at: 22 Dec 2020

China is one of the popular destinations for Cambodian students to pursue their education overseas. There are many astounding reasons explaining why Cambodian students should choose to continue their education in China. You can read 7 Reasons Why Cambodian Students Should Study in China here.  

Therefore, it is not surprising that students might be wondering about the popular majors to study in China. Here are the top six majors that are popular for Cambodian students to pursue when studying in China. 


One of the reasons for the popularity of studying business-related major is that it provides a wide range of employment path from working for others to owning one business. Business is a broad field of study including accounting, finance, international business, international economics, trade, and more. 

China, being one of the emerging economies and business hubs, is one of the top destinations to study this major to gain not only a qualified degree but also practical management training and experiences through the internship opportunities at those giant companies in China.

Chinese Language  

Chinese Mandarin is one of the most spoken languages in the world and also one of the world’s oldest languages. As we can see more and more Chinese investors in Cambodia, Chinese language proficiency has increasingly popular among Cambodians. Chinese Language and Literature degree allow students to master the knowledge of Chinese literature including ancient Chinese literature, modern and contemporary Chinese literature, Chinese philology, theory and criticism of literature and arts. Without much explanation, China is certainly the best place for studying the Chinese Language and Literature.  

Clinical Medicine

Similar to many Cambodian students here, Clinical Medicine is also one of the popular majors to study in China. Clinical Medicine covers basic theory and knowledge in medicine, basic clinical skills of some common disease diagnosis processing, treatment, and prevention in medical science. It usually takes 5 years to study and another at least 48-weeks of internship to complete the degree in China. 

The unique thing about studying this major in China is that it also teaches students about authentic traditional medicine and ancient medical techniques such as acupuncture which is not the case in other countries. Moreover, comparing to other countries, China is very opened to international students to study this major. 

Computer Science & Technology 

Computer Science & Technology is the study of the theory of computational applications using algorithms and advanced mathematics and concerning computer software, operating systems, and implementation. This major is not only famous for Cambodian studying in Cambodia but also for students who go to study in China. China also has the global largest internet base with more than 500 million internet users and its tech industries are also rapidly developing themselves as the technological leaders in Asia if not in the world. Students will also have many opportunities to gain experience through internships in giant tech companies in China. 

Construction: Civil Engineering & Architecture

Both Civil Engineering and Architecture majors are popular majors for Cambodian students. Construction majors is a broad major that cover areas such as transportation, construction, environment, water resource, and structure. China is becoming a popular destination for this major as the largest producer of engineering graduates in the world and the highly reputed in engineering. 


Besides civil engineering, other engineering degrees are also popular for Cambodian students. These include Electronic Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Telecom Engineering, Chemical engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and more. 

China has made many major achievements in engineering including the Three Gorges Project (hydro power field), the Qinghai-Tibet Railway, Manned Spaceflight, and Onshore and Offshore Oil Fields, and more. 

What Should You Get from the Article?

Cambodian students can now know about the six popular majors to study in China. Those majors include Business, Chinese Language, Clinical Medicine, Computer Science & Technology, Civil Engineering & Architecture, and Engineering. 

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