5 Things Book-Lovers Can Relate

5 Things Book-Lovers Can Relate

Posted at: 01 Dec 2020

Book lovers, people don’t understand. Since our habits of being in love with books are weird, people find it hard to fathom out the reasons we behave so. Should your crush, senpai, or partner be a book lover, my article might help you to walk around in their shoes for a little while. Fear them not, for I am here to help you.

Smelling books

 This is the first thing we, as book lovers, do when we buy new books. Don’t ask us why we like doing it because we have no idea why we like it in the first place. Think of it this way: if you like to smell your lover because their scent is unique, then think of the books as our lovers.

Going broke for books

“I don’t have money. I’m broke.” is what we usually say when our friends invite us to hang out with them. Why? Because we have to save for our future use because who knows when we need money. As soon as you save up to 15$, the resistance to the temptation of buying books is in vain. The cover is beautiful; the knowledge in the books is sexy, and the curiosity is exponentially great. This is why we are broke most of the time.

Having lots of unfinished books

There is plenty of fish in the sea, so why stick with one unfinished book? We see books as people see Pokémons. We want to collect them all even though we haven’t really finished one. So, don’t question us why we buy books even though we haven’t finished the last one.

Falling in love with fictional characters at least once

Let’s face it: book lovers are also human, so we get lonely sometimes. That’s why we fancy our fairytale from time to time.  And where do we find our ideal person? Of course, we find it in the books as we don’t have the gut to go out and introduce ourselves to human beings. Does that explain why we fall in love with fictional characters in the first place?

Losing sleep because of books

There are times when we hit the climax at 12:00am, and what do we do? We whisper to ourselves softy and say, “Sleeping is for the weak. You don’t need sleep. You need an answer.” and then here we go sacrificing our sleeping time reading in order to seek answers we’ve been longed for. And that’s why most of us are sleep-deprived.


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