5 Mistakes You Make While Pursuing Scholarships

5 Mistakes You Make While Pursuing Scholarships

Posted at: 23 Oct 2020

When it comes to pursuing scholarships, there are a lot of things you should know. For Cambodians, I have noticed the majority of them has something in common when pursuing scholarship. So, in this article, I will only highlight the mistakes you make while on your journey of getting a scholarship.

You hold on to your fear of failure. 

Fearing failure is an obstacle preventing you from applying for a scholarship in the first place. So, get rid of it. Usually, you only focus on those who win the scholarship, and it makes you doubt yourself if you are smart enough to get one. However, what you don’t know is how many times they fail before getting the scholarship. So, whether to pass or fail, think of it as an experience to help you grow.

You don’t get out of your comfort zone. 

Getting out of your comfort zone will get you prepared for the scholarship you are going to apply. This can be simply doing volunteering works such as teaching kids, helping to organize an event, and so on. Or if you are an introvert, it can simply be getting to know more people to build your network because they will be able to help with your application process. Something as simple as the things mentioned is a good way to get prepared for your big journey.

You don’t find help.

Too often, you tend to depend too much on yourself. It is undeniably true that you should be independent, but to some degree, you should get help from someone who has experience as well. There are a lot of ways to get help. Getting tips on how to apply and write personal statements from alumni is recommended. Also, you can join scholarship fair, like GAW (Go Abroad with WEduShare), to get to know which scholarship suits you and is available for you. Usually, since it is fair, unlike conferences, you are able to get in touch with alumni as well as directly asking them for their personal contact. Do not miss the opportunity!

You have your pride. 

If you are really good at something, be proud enough to be humble. What does that mean? It means you can show off what you have, but, at the same time, be humble about it. For example, instead of saying you are a “natural born leader,” try to describe your personal experience of your leadership role in your struggles and what you have learned. Also, keep in mind that no matter how good you think you are, make people know that you are willing and happy to learn from other people. Who would want a person who is not willing to learn? So, don’t be that person.

You criticize yourself. 

This negative personality trait will discourage you from applying for another scholarship should you fail once. Too often, when people fail scholarships they are applying, they feel like they are dumb and not good enough. Thus, it will relapse their fear of failure, and they get discouraged from applying another one. So, don’t be one of them. When you fail a scholarship, it doesn’t mean that you are dumb. It simply means you are not suitable for it. I’ve seen lots of smart people fail to get scholarships, and that just means they are not fit for the scholarship. So, don’t take your failure too personally.

Although it is hard to follow the tips in your everyday life, try to apply it whenever you have a chance. When you can let go of these 4 things, you will win a scholarship sooner or later.

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