5 Bad Habits That Are Actually Good For You

5 Bad Habits That Are Actually Good For You

Posted at: 23 Sep 2020

Written by  Ponnara Sary

We human beings always try our best to avoid bad habits but little do we know that there are some bad habits somehow good for us as long as we practice it moderately.

Here are the 5 habits that are categorized as ‘’BAD’’ but are actually ‘’GOOD’’

Gossiping: We all know that gossiping is not a good thing to do but we can never stop doing it. Since we all could not stop gossiping thus it should be a time that we stop feeling guilty about it. The good news is that gossiping also has its benefits. It helps us to create a bond with the people we are gossiping with and laughing over gossip can help to release some feel-good hormones that fight back stress and anxiety.

Complaining: This habit is highly recommended for those who bottle things up. It is okay to let everything out to trustworthy people, they will never judge you. Complaining can help reduce stress. Moreover, a study published in the journal Psychological Bulletin said that those who complain actually have higher self-esteem than those who bottle things up.

Being messy: Having a neat room is always something that we want to achieve. However, for messy people like us, keeping our spaces clean seems to be an impossible thing to do. But, according to Psychological Science magazine, scientists have found that a messy environment is perfect for creative thinking. Those who are in the untidy environment are able to tackle problems with more creative solutions and think outside the box. Hence, we messy people who had better start taking pride in being messy.

Sleeping in: people think that sleeping in is bad because you choose to sleep over responsibilities. However, if you are sleep-deprived, go ahead and throw yourself on the bed because even if you force yourself to work, the results won’t be good. Also, not getting enough sleep can have harmful effects on your health, affecting your immune system to the risk of heart disease. Hence, it is okay to forget your responsibilities for a while and go to bed, you can always catch up on your work later.

Being unproductive: No one is always productive so don’t blame yourself for slacking off, especially during the weekend. Take some time and neglect your responsibilities. Being unproductive allows your brain to truly have time to rest and heal, which helps in preventing burnout and increasing your productivity later on. Hence, just simply rest and don’t feel guilty about it.

To sum up, not all bad habits are always bad, there are actually good sides to these bad habits. The purpose of this blog is not intended for the readers to commit to these bad habits but to make the readers not feel bad from practicing these bad habits from time to time. We are just humans and we are not perfect. Thus, we should not be so hard on ourselves.

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