4 Top Cities for Cambodian Students to Go to Study in China

4 Top Cities for Cambodian Students to Go to Study in China

Posted at: 22 Dec 2020

China is certainly a massive country. When thinking of the cities in China, Beijing is one of the first cities to pop up in mind. While it is common that students tend to think of big cities such as Beijing and Shanghai in choosing where to study in China, the second-tier cities are also great options for many reasons. Those include a better chance to experience the culture, closer interaction with local students, lower financial costs, and more. 

When looking for which cities to study abroad, the living environment, the university, and the living lifestyle are things to be considered. Without further due, here are the four popular cities for Cambodian students to study in China. 


Beijing is the capital city of China and also the home to China’s internationally renowned universities, the Tsinghua University and the Peking University which are among the top 100 universities of QS World University Rankings. Beijing is certainly the top choice for international students including Cambodian students not only because of the world-class education but also the dynamic and diverse lifestyle. Beijing is the right choice for students who enjoy an active lifestyle with its roles as the political and commercial center of China. Cultural adventure in Beijing including the six UNESCO World Heritage Sites is also another attraction for the students to choose to study in Beijing. 


Shanghai or the “Pearl of the Orient” or “Paris of the East” is the largest and most populous city and also the key financial, economic, and trading center in China. For students who prefer the modern lifestyle and what to experience the modern face of China, Shanghai should be the top choice. Seven out of thirty universities and colleges in Shanghai are featured in QS World University. As the economic hub, international students also have many opportunities to gain some working experience through internships. Though the living cost in Shanghai is expensive, there are also more affordable options available. 


Located in the Southern part of China, Guangzhou, the largest city of Guangdong province, is the fifth-largest city in China. Being the third-largest city in China, it is also a key national transportation hub. Guangzhou can be a good option for students who want to live in a city of less modern. Education quality in Guangzhou are well developed and human-centered with constant education innovation. In terms of choosing cities to study, financial costs is also the key consideration. Comparing to Beijing and Shanghai, the living costs in Guangzhou is much lower. The weather in Guangzhou is generally warm and humid. 


Shenzhen, a city in southern China, is being considered as China’s “Silicon Valley” with its role as China’s technology hub. Shenzhen is the home to Chinese internet giant Tencent and Huawei. Instead of already established hubs around the world, this city is rapidly moving fast to be the leading innovation hub. Shenzhen should certainly be the top choice for students who want to involve in innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship with opportunities available there.    

What Should You Get from the Article?

Upon reading this article, Cambodian parents and students can now learn about the 4 popular cities to pursue overseas education in China. These cities range from metropolitan cities to second-tier cities. Those four cities are Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou.

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