4 Things Change Your 2020 Be The Best

4 Things Change Your 2020 Be The Best

Posted at: 29 Sep 2020

Written by  Lang Virak

At the beginning of 2019, you used to say “2019 is going to be my best year ever.” but how has it been? Many problems and troubles came across you. You suffered great losses, some heartbreak, and challenges so you have to think about what lessons can you take from 2019 to apply on your 2020. You must be moving forward into 2020 with tons of determination. There are 5 things that can make your 2020 become the best year ever.

1. Focus on your specific goal

Focus on your specific goal You were focusing on many goals. You were catching many goals at the same time. Furthermore, you were spending time on it without any specific timeline so you got nothing accomplished, and nothing finished. New Year, you have to set your goals in order based on its own priority on your main timeline and accomplish it one by one.

2. Set Firm Boundary Line

You have to set your goals and ideas in the priority place. You said “yes” to every help which was requested help from you because you felt guilty after you rejected them. You spent your time helping someone achieve their goals so you have to learn how to say “no” to the things which aren’t good for you and get to start putting your foot down without feeling guilty.

3. Take action (Please!)

It’s time! It’s time to take action toward your goal. You were talking a lot about your idea without taking any action or any move on it in 2019. You were raising up many excuses to escape from doing your goals so you will take your ideas from your cloud bubble over your head and realize all of them, manifest them, make them happen. You must make your goals happen one by one without any delay and excuse in 2020.

4. Have Faith

After all the stuff you’ve been through, you would think that your faith was unwavering because every goal has many challenges so you lose your belief after the issues came across you. It’s time to kick that doubt away, dig deep, and ignite your faith. You can do everything.

In conclusion, take your mistake in 2019 as experience and avoid the unsuccessful way to make your 2020 becomes the best. At least, your 2020 is better than your 2019 if it is not the best year.

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