4 Reasons Why Some Grade-12 Students Choose The Wrong Major

4 Reasons Why Some Grade-12 Students Choose The Wrong Major

Posted at: 26 Nov 2020

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First of all, big congratulations on your first milestone in life. Now, it is time to decide which major you want to study at university. It is very essential due to the fact that it will affect your entire life. Since a lot of articles have provided tips on how to choose and to know the major you love or to know your passion or talents. Therefore, in my article, I am going to share the mistakes that many people have made so that you may avoid them.


Firstly, one of the mistakes which people have made is they follow their peers. In high school, some students may have a clique or intimidated friends whom they often hang out with and/or share everything together. When they do not have a goal in life and do not know where to go next, they often end up following their friends. Later, they figure out they detest the subject, which they do not have a passion to learn, and more importantly, they lose the motivation and do not want to go on. They feel they are useless. But they do not want to change the major for the reason that they think they waste time if they choose and learn a new major.


Secondly, some students receive too much advice. When people know that one graduates from high school, many will come and give plenty of various ideas. Some say that you should study this major because of the job markets. And the others say: “ no, you should study that major because you have talents in that.”  When one’s brain is fraught with many different ideas, it is easy to make the wrong decision.


Thirdly, some students study that major because they are offered the scholarship. Due to the fact that some do not want to spend money or believe that scholarship will save their money, they study without questioning whether they like it or not. There are many other reasons behind such as they study because they truly have a financial crisis or they study because of the school’s brand. Anyhow, at the end of the day, they may just force themselves to learn.


Lastly, some students study the major that they dislike because it is their parents’ goals or dreams. A good example is a lot of parents want their kids to become doctors because parents believe the job is high-paying, their kids can cure them when they are sick, and so on and so forth. The other instance is their parents failed to get into that university or that major. As a result, some kids feel it is their responsibility to fulfill their parents’ wishes to make them happy. Though it is good to show love and appreciation, it is more important for every student to listen to their hearts.


In conclusion, these are the commons mistakes which many students have made. I hope that after reading this article, you can avoid repeating mistakes and make the right decision for yourself. Listen to your heart and your brain. Be responsible for your decision. Good luck in making a decision!

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