2024 Global Korea Scholarship-Graduate [University Track]
  • Fully Funded Scholarship
  • Master/PhD
  • South Korea
  • 15 Apr 2024

2024 Global Korea Scholarship-Graduate [University Track]


About this scholarship 

Global Korea Scholarship is designed to provide international students with opportunities to study at higher educational institutions in Korea to pursue academic degrees, which will enhance international education exchange and deepen mutual friendship between Korea and participating countries.



 Nationality: All applicants must hold citizenship of NIIED designated countries that are invited to take part in the GKS program (Cambodia is included)

  • Level of Education: Degree and Research
  • Score percentile should be 80% or above on a 100-point scale or be ranked in the top 20% of one’s class
  • CGPA must be equal to or above 2.64/4.0, 2.80/4.3, 2.91/4.5 or 3.23/5.0
  • Must be under 40 years of age (born after September 1, 1984)
  • All applicants must be in good health, both mentally and physically, to study in Korea for the full duration of the program


Scholarships period: 

  • Master’s Degree: 3 Years (1-year Korean Language, 2-year degree)
  • Doctoral Degree: 4 years (1-year Korean language, 3-year degree)
  • Research Program: 6 Months or 1 year.
  • Global Network: Within 2 years

Document to submit: 

1. Documents to complete (Required)

Students should follow this list of documents to submit.

  • Application Form
  • Personal Statement
  • Study Plan
  • Research Proposal (only applicable for research program applicants)
  • ONE Letter of Recommendation
  • Letter of Invitation (issued by the research program university)
  • GKS Applicant Agreement
  • Personal Medical Assessment
  • Consent to Collect and Use Personal Information

2. Certificates (Required) Must be Apostilled or Consular confirmed.

  • Applicant's/Parent(s)' Proof of Citizenship and family relationship Document
  • Bachelor's Graduation Certificate (or Diploma)
  • Bachelor's Degree Transcript
  • Master's Graduation Certificate (or Diploma)
  • Master's Degree Transcript
  • Doctoral Graduation Certificate (or Diploma) *only applicable for postdoctoral Research program applicants
  • Certificate of Employment *only applicable for. professionals under research program

3. Other documents (optional)

  • Score report of valid TOPIK (original) or English Proficiency Test (copy)
  • Awards and other certificates, etc. (copy)
  • Applicant’s Passport (copy)


1. Airfare: 

  • Economy class flight ticket (actual expense)

2. Free Tuition: 

  • NIIED: up to 5 million KRW
  • University: amount that exceeds 5 million KRW, Admission fee

3. Korean Language Training Fee: 

  • 5.2 million KRW (four quarters)

4. Study Incentive

  • Korean language program: 14,100,000 KRW per year
  • Graduate Degree program: 15,700,000 KRW per year
  • Research Program: 19,800,000 KRW per year

How to apply?

Applicants can apply via University Track by the application forms, and please check all attachments well before you submit them whether you satisfy all the requirement specifies in admission guideline.


Application Period

Applicants can apply via University Track, and the deadline for submitting required documents is April 15, 2024.


Official Website  


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